Best Faceless Copy and Paste YouTube Channel Ideas

There are many faceless copy and paste YouTube automation channel ideas to choose from so have no fear, you're not going to be scratching your head for ideas!

In this article I will provide for you a list of the top YouTube channel ideas to choose from where you can simply copy and paste free content to make it your own. You won't need to go on camera with any of these types of channels.

These channels have been proven to be successful because of the high view count and subscriptions.

These channels can be built free of charge with free software to edit and you can also find the stock images/videos for free as well.

You do however need to be careful when you "repurpose" existing content in your own videos. There is a thing called "fair use" which I'll also talk about after this list of ideas so that you'll know how to play fair and avoid getting your channel banned on YouTube.

Sound good? Now here's some great channel ideas!

1. Affirmation Channel

Affirmation channels are a great idea for a faceless YouTube channel because of its simplicity and high demand. Affirmations are positive, empowering statements that people look for to help with motivation and mental well-being. 

These channels require minimal visual content so it would be easy to just copy and paste text in your videos with more focus on high-quality audio.

An example of a channel like this is Positive Affirmations.

2. Aviation/Airplane Channel

An aviation/airplaine channel draws a lot of interest due to the widespread fascination with aircraft and the aviation industry. It appeals to a wide audience from aviation enthusiasts to people interested in travel and also those that are tech-savvy.

You can find plenty of photos and stock video photos to copy and paste for your videos. You can use narration or just text on screen. Even animation can be used for a channel like this. If you have an interest in aviation, this is a great channel to explore for an automated channel. A great example is the 3 Minutes of Aviation Channel

3. Animal Channel

With an animal channel, its best to focus on either an animal facts channel, one that shows funny animal videos or an "inspiring animals" channel.

This is important because you want to stick to a particular theme. Someone watching funny animal videos might not care too much about "animal facts" so choose a lane and stay within it.

Many of these channels go viral and you don't have to focus on just dogs and cats, you could go broad with many different species but I would stick with one of the 3 different approaches I mentioned.

An example of one of these strategies is the Animal Facts channel

4. Animation Channel

You can use software like Animaker to create awesome looking animations for just about any type of animated video. Animation allows for limitless creativity, enabling you to craft unique content that can range from educational and informative to entertaining and whimsical. 

This type of content attracts a wide audience from children to adults. You can even repurpsose existing animations with new voiceovers and context, abiding by fair use policies of course. 

The Infographics Show is just one example of an animation channel you can create. The opportunities are endless when it comes to animations. 

5. Archaeology Channel

A faceless channel like this offers a wealth of content, from historical insights and archaeological findings to explorations of ancient cultures and sites. 

A channel like this can be presented through engaging graphics, animations, and stock footage, eliminating the need for an on-camera host.

With a voiceover, you can narrate captivating stories and facts, making complex subjects interesting to watch and learn.

Amazing Stock is a great example of an automated Archaeology channel

6. ASMR Channel

An ASMR channel (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is another great idea for an automated YouTube channel because of its focus on sound rather than visual elements.

ASMR appeals to a wide audience seeking relaxation, stress relief, and a unique sensory experience. While you don't need to go on camera, there may be some investment required if you are going to make your own sounds such as high-quality recording equipment and a camera. Although, your phone camera would likely suffice.

To see an example of an ASMR channel where the creator doesnt go on cam, check out ASMR Soap. The creator's hands are in the shot but not her face. You could do something similar.

7. Book Summaries Channel

A book summaries channel is where you would summarize an existing book that you have read. It's best to identify popular or trending books across different genres so that you can be assured to get traffic.

To see an example of how this is done, check out the Productivity Game channel.

Creating an automated channel like this is going to require a lot more work than just copy and paste because it's going to require some thought from you and your opinions. However, you can use animation or whiteboard videos to copy and paste into your videos for visuals.

8. Business Channel

This niche appeals to a wide audience such as aspiring entrepreneurs, business students and even professionals looking for insights and updates.

A range of topics that you can include would be things like startup advice, case studies, business news and success stories. 

As for copy and pasting content, you can use visuals such as stock image and video footage, animation or whiteboard videos.

Check out the Young Entrepreneurs Forum for some ideas on how you can create your own. They use stock video footage and the creator does not go on camera. This channel is getting close to 1M subscribers. With a high CPM, this channel is making bank!

9. Car/Automotive Channel

Do you have an interest in cars? A car channel is a great idea for your automated channel. You don't even need to own your own car or even buy any. You simply use footage from other sources, make it transformative by adding in your own thoughts and voila, you've got a high CPM automotive channel.

You could do things like car reviews, automotive news, DIY maintenance tips, vehicle comparisons and more. A voiceover would work best with channels like this but you can also use text only.

Check out the PD Evolution channel to get some ideas on how you can create your own.

10. Celebrity Channel

If you love following the lives of celebrities why not cash in on it by creating your own channel on celebrities? Your content could be about celebrity news, gossip, biographies, career highlights, downfalls, etc.

You can utilize a combination of voiceovers and publicly available images or video clips, adding in your own thoughts so it's transformative.

Coming up with content should be relatively easy as there's always something going on with these celebrities. If that's your kind of thing, then check out "The List" to get some ideas on how you can make your own. This channel has almost 2 million subs!

11. Comics Channel

Explore your inner geek by creating a comics channel! This niche appeals to a wide range of audiences, from dedicated fans to casual readers interested in superhero stories, indie comics, or manga. 

The content you create can be a number of things such as reviews, character analysis, storyline summaries and industry news. 

Check out CMR to see how they use existing content, put their own spin on it and use it for their videos.

12. Cruises Channel

Do you have experiences with going on cruises or are fascinated by this type of travel?

You can create a faceless channel like this using existing content to make videos on topics like cruise ship reviews, how much it costs to go on a cruise, do's and don'ts, hidden costs, things to bring on board and so on.

Eat Sleep Cruise is a great example of a cruise channel where you don't need to show your face, they use existing videos and images to come up with their own content. All you need to do is add some narration or even just text if you don't want to use your voice.

13. Cryptocurrency Channel

Cryptocurrency has been a hot topic for many years now and you can capitalize on this by creating your own channel without going on camera. 

You can create videos on current crypto trends, market analysis, coin reviews, investment strategies and technology explanations.

By using voiceovers and using existing graphics, images, videos and animations you can create informative and engaging content. It helps to have experience in crypto but even if you have never bought a coin before, you could study this niche and just create a faceless channel around it.

Check out how Satoshi Stacker does it.

14. Dinosaurs Channel

If dinosaurs fascinate you, then why not capitalize on it and create your own channel around this topic using animation, imagery and existing videos.

You can use a text overlay but narration would work best for this type of channel. You can create content such as comparing two different dinosaurs, largest and smallest dinosaurs, educational facts and so on.

You will have a broad audience from children, educators and and dinosaur enthusiasts which should bring in a lot of views if done right.

Using animation and graphics would work best for this type of channel. You could create your own or use from other sources, following best practices of course.

Check out how Mega Dinosaurs does it.

15. Drama Channel

A drama channel would work best by finding shocking stories and reacting to them with narration and possibly adding in text as well.

You could react to celebrities, entertainment, positive or negative headlines on a variety of topics, etc. You can use tools like Google Trends to identify stories and if they are dramatic enough, create a video on it using existing clips and just add your creative spin. You can find a lot of content from TikTok as well.

You need to be quick with this though and get your videos up as soon as you can. These stories tend to be forgotten after a while so you have to catch them as they pop up.

The channel "Spill" does a great job of this with almost 2 million subscribers.

16. Economics Channel

If you're an economics geek then why not capitalize off it and create your own copy $ paste automated YouTube channel with your knowledge?

For a channel like this, you can use existing images & videos combined with animation for this channel to work best, just like is done in One Minute Economics.

You can discuss economic trends, breakdowns of complex economic concepts, and discussions on how global events impact economies.

17. Engineering Channel

An engineering channel is rich with content possibilities, ranging from explanations of engineering concepts and innovations to insights into megastructures and everyday technologies. 

You can use 3d models, animations, existing photos and videos in your content without ever having to go on camera. Narration will be needed so you will need to use your voice but you could always get someone else to do the audio for you.

A channel like this attracts a diverse group of people - from students, to professionals and those just interested in new tech. Check out The B1M channel that does a great job of using videos, photos and animation without the creator ever having to go on camera.

18. Fight Themed Channel

Are you a fan of UFC or WWE? With a channel like this you can focus on martial arts, boxing, and mixed martial arts (MMA). This niche covers a range of content, from fight analysis and breakdowns of techniques to histories of various fighting styles and profiles of famous fighters. 

To create channel like this it would be best to use existing clips of fights, videos and still images to tell some kind of story or breaking news. Narration will be needed but you could possibly just get away with a text overlay.

Check out Wrestling Bios to see how you can create a faceless channel just like this.

19. Food Channel

Now even foodies can make money on YouTube! If food is your passion, you can turn that passion into a good income with your own Automated food channel. You'll never have to go on camera either. 

With a food channel, you can use existing content whether it's images or video and make it transformative with your own opinions. For example, you could use clips of people making a certain dish adding in your own thoughts. You can talk about cooking news such as scandals with celebrity chefs.

The possibilites are endless. Take a look at the Mashed YouTube channel to get some ideas on what you can do.

20. Gaming Channel

Calling all gamers! If you have a passion for gaming, why not make money from it? With a faceless gaming channel you can create content on game playthroughs, reviews, industry news, and tutorials.

All you need is some narration without even having to go on camera. Gaming channels attract a large and loyal fanbase ranging from hardcore gamers to casual ones. There's lots of opportunity to monetize these channels not only by ads but affiliate marketing and sponsored content.

A great example of a gaming channel is gameranx which has almost 8 million followers. These guys are making bank and never go on camera!

21. Geography Channel

A geography channel can be as diverse as you want it to be. A channel like this caters to the curiosity and educational interests of a wide audience. 

You can make videos on geographical facts, country profiles, and cultural insights to discussions on climate, ecosystems, and global phenomena. 

For content, you can copy & paste existing content into your videos such as maps, satellite imagery, infographics, existing videos and images.

A channel like this would appeal to a broad spectrum of users such as students, educators, travelers and anyone with an interest in the world. WonderWhy does a great job of capturing a wide variety of subjects. With close to 1M subscribers, this guy is doing very well and never shows his face!

22. Health Channel

If you have a good knowledge of health and wellness, perhaps creating a faceless channel like this would interest you. A health channel can cover a range of topics from general health tips, nutritional advice, explanations of medical conditions, and wellness trends.

You can use a combination of infographics and animations along with voiceovers to come up with your faceless content.

A great example of this is the Bestie channel that has almost 5 million subscribers.

23. History Channel

If you're a history buff, you might want to consider a history-themed automated YouTube channel. A channel like this would appeal to a wide audience interested in historical events, figures and cultures.

You can create content based on specific historical periods, biographies of of historical figures, analysis of historical events, world wars and so on.

Check out the Simple History - the creator is nearing 5 million subs and doesn't even reveal his identity.

24. Investing Channel

Do you have a knack for investing? Why not capitalize on this and create your own investing channel on YouTube. You won't need to show your face and can talk about a variety of subjects such as the stock market, investment strategies, portfolio management tips, and breakdowns of financial concepts. 

You can use existing content as well as visuals like charts, graphs, animations and existing content.

A channel like this will attract a diverse audience from beginners to experienced investors. The Swedish Investor has an automated YouTube channel on investing. Check it out!

25. Life Hack Channel

A life hack channel would include things like DIY tips, organization hacks, productivity techniques, and simple solutions for common problems.

You will need to show clear visual demonstrations coupled with either a voice narration or text. You can use existing content from other videos as long as you make it transformative by putting on your own spin or maybe even suggesting alternate or better improvements.

Take a look at the 5-Minute Crafts channel on how you can create something similar.


So there you go, you've now got a bunch of ideas on how you can create a faceless, copy and past automated YouTube channel.

You don't have to go on camera for ANY of these. For each point, I've provided an example that you can adapt for your own channel. Don't copy, but just use these for inspiration.

Want to learn more? Here are some more resources on automated YouTube channels:

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