10 YouTube Automation Channel Ideas For 2024

You've come to the right place if you're looking for some profitable YouTube automation channel ideas. I am very active in running my own YouTube automation channels and have taken a variety of courses as well. So, I'm in a pretty good position to tell you what works and what doesn't.

In this article, I am going to give you 10 winning YouTube automation channel ideas to help get you started the right way. Having the right channel topic and idea is going to ensure that you will have the greatest chance at success. Why not start with something that works right?

I'll give you example channels that are killin' it and how you can replicate the same.

10 YouTube Automation Channel Ideas

1. Animals

Animal channels are an excellent idea for starting an automated YouTube channel due to their universal appeal and high engagement rates. Animals have a broad audience, especially when it comes to pets like cats and dogs like what you see with the Animal Facts channel. This is because it appeals to viewers of all ages and backgrounds.

According to a survey by Ipsos, 67% of internet users globally watch videos about animals on platforms like YouTube. Another good reason to start an automated channel in this niche is the high shareability factor. Viewers typically share funny and cute animal content with friends and family so there's a good chance some of your videos could go viral.  

There is also a high volume of existing videos of animals that you can use in your own videos. It's best to use captioning or voice-overs so that you make the videos your own. 

2. Affirmation

Affirmation channels tap into the growing interest in mental wellness and self-care. The global wellness market is huge, and is valued at $5.6 trillion according to Bloomberg.

Affirmation channels cater to people looking for help by offering positive, empowering messages that viewers can incorporate into their daily routines. The content is evergreen and can be easily automated. Simple, repetitive affirmations can be produced in bulk and put on a set weekly or daily upload schedule. This will ensure a consistent flow of content with minimal ongoing effort.

These videos are best delivered with narration and even music playing in the background for optimal effect. Growing Forever is a great example of this and it's a channel you use as an example to do something similar.

3. List Channels

List channels are a great idea for an automated YouTube Channel because of it's popularity and "easy to digest" format. These channels are highly engaging and sharebable because we as humans love organized and simplified information - which is exactly the format these channels exhibit.

This is like a "listicle" format that taps into the curiousity for concise and organized content. Topics can include top 10 lists on music, TV, history, weird facts, educational, software, science and nature and more.

Trend Max covers a range of topics from the top 10 cars, soccer players, the richest women in the world, and so on. What's unique about list channels is that you don't need to focus on one particular niche. Everything is game.

4. Luxury

According to Statista, the luxury market is projected to reach $418 billion by 2028. A channel like this is promising due to the high interest in luxury lifestyle and products. 

Although many people can't afford luxuries, such channels attract audiences who aspire to or enjoy a luxury lifestyle, offering them a glimpse into a world of opulence and exclusivity. It could also serve as motivation to get things they want.

Content on luxury channels can range from showcasing high-end products, like cars and watches, to featuring luxury travel destinations and experiences. Usually content like this is evergreen and maintains interest over time. You can easily source content from free or paid sites like Pixabay or Vecteezy or through social media.

5. Psychology

With the growing public interest in mental health and human behavior, an automated channel is the psychology niche is a good choice. The global mental health market is expected to reach $38.42 billion in 2024. This indicates a rising demand for psychological insights and wellness content.

Psychology channels cater to this demand by providing educational and engaging content on various aspects of human psychology, mental health, and personal development.

Channels like this include explanations of psychological theories, tips for mental well-being, and insights into human behavior, all of which can be scripted and produced in advance. Existing footage or animation can be used along with narration for great effect. Channels like Mindprovement use whiteboard animation to create videos for their channel in this niche.

6. Tech Channels

Tech channels tap into the ever-growing interest in technology and gadgets. The global consumer electronics market is expected to reach $460 billion in 2024. Tech channels include videos on reviews, tutorials, unboxings and the latest news in technology - all appealing to tech savvy audiences alike.

To automate a channel like this without a personal touch like hands on reviews or unboxings, you could use existing footage citing the fair use clause and adding in your own thoughts/narration.

What's great about tech is that new products and technologies are always on the horizon, so you'll never be short of content. Just pay attention to the latest trends and get tips on what your competition is doing as well.

7. Health

The global health market is valued at 5.2 trillion and is expected to grow to 8.9 trillion by 2032 according to Precedence Research. Without a doubt, the health market is one of the biggest and a great idea for an automated YouTube channel.

Health channels can cover a wide range of topics, such as nutrition advice, exercise routines, mental health tips, and general wellness information. It also caters to a diverse audience that is looking to improve their health.

I would suggest sticking to a particular niche though, such as bodybuilding or dieting. It will make the YouTube algorithm understand your channel better and help you rank more easily. The Health Nerd channel is a great example that focuses on foods to help lose weight. They use a combination of stock footage and animation in their videos along with narration and captions.

8. Travel

To create an automated travel channel, you don't necessarily have to visit places that you create videos on. There is plenty of stock footage you can use in your videos along with either narration or captions. 

Skerry Harry does a great job of this in their automated channel by using a lot of existing drone footage found online along with Google Maps and other sources.

Travel channels can attract a wide audience by showcasing exotic destinations, cultural experiences, and travel tips, appealing to both avid travelers and those seeking virtual escapism. 

9. Automotive

The automotive niche is a great idea for starting an automated YouTube channel because you are able to leverage a ton of available content with people who have a strong interest in cars and automotive technology.

Automotive channels can attract a diverse audience, from car enthusiasts to everyday consumers, by showcasing car reviews, the latest automotive trends, maintenance tips, and industry news.

You can automate all of your content by using existing video clips, stock footage, and images. All you need to do is add your own thoughts with some good narration. You can do things from top 10 lists, in-depth car reviews, how-to's, and more.

For example, Automotive Territory makes automated videos on the top 10 new cars, best hybrid pickups, new upcoming sport SUV's and even have motorcycle content.

10. Finance/Business

Another huge market is the Finance and Business sector which is expected to surpass $58.69 Trillion (not billion!) by 2031. 

As you can imagine, the advertising budget of companies in this niche is one of the biggest, and good news for a future YouTuber thinking about creating an automated channel in this niche. 

Such channels appeal to a wide audience, from individuals seeking personal finance advice to professionals and entrepreneurs looking for market trends and business strategies. You can make videos on financial news, investment tips, market analysis, and educational content on financial concepts.

For content ideas, you can use stock photography and videos, or even animation. Add in some narration and you've got yourself a potential cash cow channel!

YouTube Automation Examples

The best way to get inspired is to actually see what other channels are doing and give you some examples. So here are some YouTube channel Ideas for beginners based on some of the suggestions I listed above:

Animal Channel Examples:

  • Dogmal - An automated channel all about different breeds of dogs, dog tips, training and more.
  • 4 Ever Green - A general animal channel on all different species
  • ViralBe - One of the biggest animal channels with over 2.3 million subscribers
  • Epic Wildlife - A channel that focus on mostly wildlife from prehistoric to the weirdest creatures you've ever seen.

Affirmation Channel Examples:

List Channel Examples:

  • Top Trending - A list channel covering topics such as tallest buildings, most expensive homes, top 15 richest people, etc.
  • Trend Max - Videos range from the biggest stadiums, most expensive watches, fastest cars, most spoken languages, etc.
  • Top 5 Best - This channel has seemed to deviate a bit from top lists to videos on police with body-cam footage. 
  • World List - Covering topics from animal encounters, bizarre security camera footage, celebrity downfalls, catfishing fails and more.

Luxury Channel Examples:

  • Mr. Luxury - Topics include the most expensive homes, yachts, jets, highest-paid actors, and more.
  • Alux.com - This automated channel takes a different approach by showing you how you can attain the luxury lifestyle with inspirational videos, tips and how-to's.
  • Top Luxury - This channel showcases expensive structures like towers, hotels, megaprojects, and more.

Psychology Channel Examples:

  • Practical Psychology - With over 2.25 M subscribers, this channel has videos on different experiments, ADHD, mental models, experimenter bias and more. Animation and whiteboard videos are used to create their videos.
  • Beyond Blue - This channel helps victims of manipulation, deception, mind control, NLP and brainwashing.
  • Pursuit of Wonder - This channel explores topics of philosophy, psychology, literature, well-being, science, etc.

These are just some examples of Automated channels and the opportunities are endless. 

Other YouTube Automation Channels to Consider

You aren't bound to choose the ideas I mentioned above, especially if they don't resonate with you.

Here is a list of other ideas for an automated channel that you can consider. All of these ideas have channels that are both vlog style (where you go on camera) and also faceless automated channels:

  • ASMR
  • Celebrity
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Dinosaurs
  • Economics
  • Engineering
  • Good
  • Gaming
  • Life Hacks
  • Mystery
  • Scary Stories
  • Sports


So there you go. You've got a ton of YouTube automation ideas to choose from. The good news is that you can make an automation channel is just about any niche. What you should be aware of is to ask yourself two things - is there a demand for this type of content and is there existing footage that you can use in your videos.

If there isn't enough content, you can also create your own using whiteboard animation or slideshow-type videos.

Here are some more resources to help you start an Automated YouTube Channel:

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