1K a Day Fast Track Review: Can You Make Money With This?

Welcome to my 1K a Day Fast Track review. 

I invested in the course and spent well over a week going over all the modules. 

I do over 6 figures a year in affiliate marketing and many courses have helped me get there. Some are great - while others are just cash grab garbage! (I consider myself skilled enough to spot the turds!)

In this review, I will evaluate 1K a Day by the quality of content, ease of understanding, reputation and most important - if it's worth the money or if you should select an alternative course.

Let's dive right in shall we?

Things to Consider Before Buying 1k a Day Fast Track

1K a Day Fast Track is a system for those that want to make money from affiliate marketing, particularly ClickBank products.

The ideal person buying this product would be those new to affiliate marketing, or those that may know a little bit about internet marketing but want a more guided method to help take their income to the next level.

If you are already turning over thousands of dollars per month with affiliate marketing, I can't see this course being beneficial to you.

Before you buy this product, you should probably be aware that it only focuses on one specific method of making money. This is content marketing through RevContent. You won't be learning anything else about generating traffic. It is just one method, albeit a method that works quite effectively.

Since you will not be learning about free traffic methods, you will need to have a bit of extra cash available to spend on advertising. If you do not have some savings you can spend on your business, this course is not for you.

What is the 1k a Day Fast Track?

1K a Day Fast Track is an internet marketing course from Merlin Holmes. It is meant to guide you through the process of earning $1,000 per day from a simple 2-page website using nothing more than content marketing and some well-designed sales funnels.

How Much Does 1K a Day Cost?

1K a Day is going to cost you $997 for the six-week course. There are a few extra bonuses thrown into things to help sweeten the deal a little bit. but the main focus is going to be that 6-week course.

There is a moneyback guarantee on the course, but this is offered via ClickBank rather than through the actual course creator.

On top of all of this, you will need to pay for ClickFunnels,, an email autoresponder, and advertising. This means you will need $1,000+ extra cash to really make this system work for you.

Who is Merlin Holmes?

See, here is a concern about Merlin. He doesn't actually have that much information available about him.

He claims that he is making $300,000 per month from internet marketing, but all we have is graphs to go by. 

By all accounts, he is one of the top sellers for ClickBank, though.

He doesn't even have that much information on his website about him. So, I can't possibly tell you more than this guy has clearly had success with internet marketing, but I don't have a clue how much.

1K a Day Fast Track Course Modules

There aren't modules as such in 1K a day. Instead, the course is broken down into 6-weeks. Each week, you will be learning different things. The course takes a progressive approach to things, so each week you are building upon the knowledge that you have gained in the previous week.

I am going to ignore day 1 of the course because this is just an introductory module that outlines the plans for the course. You know, the typical type of thing you would find with courses of this nature.

Week 1: Commissions

As I said, this course is going to start with a bit of information on what you can expect from the course.

It does a bit of expectation management, but I do feel that Merlin makes some income claims that are going to be quite unreachable for people that are new to marketing.

In fact, even experienced people would struggle to earn the amount of money that you would earn from this course. So, think about that expectation management, but knock it down a peg or so. So, manage your expectations even more!

The rest of the week is talking about finding products on ClickBank to sell, and a little bit about landing pages. It is basic information, and experienced marketers may even want to skip the first week of the course as there isn't that much new information there.

However, I always find that it is nice to follow week 1 anyway. It really helps to frame the rest of the course, even if you know most of the information being shared.

You may also earn your first commission this week, although that is not guaranteed.

Week 2: Polling

The next week focuses on something that is unique to 1K a Day which is the idea of polling.

I suppose polling is really just a fancy way to work out what sort of products and services people will want. You will be using ClickFunnels to do this. You will also be learning to set-up your very first website here, which is cool.

I do enjoy the approach that Merlin has taken here. It is a shame you have to spend a little bit of extra money on ClickFunnels, but if you do dive into proper affiliate marketing, you will probably want to be picking this up anyway.

I enjoy the fact that you are told how to read all the data that you have collected. I do think I have seen another course tackle this in the same way.

Week 3: Email Marketing

Week 3 introduces you to email marketing. This is one of the more intriguing of modules for me. This is because this module actually encourages the use of SendLane for email marketing. I don't actually believe I have seen that in a course like this before.

It is a good service, but still! Alas, it also presents a minor source of irritation. I bet a good number of people that are already using this course have an email marketing system in place already. This course only teaches you how to work with SendLane. ?

You will learn about writing emails here, as well as creating templates that you can use as you expand your business. Plenty of examples are given, which would really help when you are boosting the profitability of your affiliate marketing business.

All in all, this is a decent look at email marketing, and that is nice to see. SendLane issues aside, it's still a pretty comprehensive module.

Week 4: Automating Your Business

This week helps you to automate some parts of your business. This helps you to make money from your business, even when your computer is turned off.

I do find that it creates a good foundation for automation here, but I do question why this is not something that comes at the end of the course.

I can't help but feel that the module at week 5 should come before this. You don't want people automating their business too much, otherwise, they will never learn affiliate marketing effectively and could end up getting lazy or not making any money at all.

This automation only covers the sales process. It does not teach you how to automate traffic to your website. This means that it is not true automation. You will still need to work on your traffic sources to make a bit of cash. However, I do like the fact that you are taught how to find decent offers to add to your sales funnel and keep the money rolling in like that.

Week 5: Native Ads

Week 5 touches upon paid advertising. However, you are not going to be going down the more traditional route of Google AdWords or Facebook Marketing here. Instead, you are going to be using RevContent.

Without going into too much depth, this is an innovative content marketing platform. Ideally, this would help to give you more quality, targeted traffic than your typical paid advertising. It works too.

I am a little bit miffed that not as much thought has been put into developing traffic sources via other methods. All of it seems to hinge on content marketing going well for you, but as long as you can create decent content, or know where to get it from, then native advertising should be able to work.

This is a simple method. It is one that I don't think I have seen discussed in any of the other major online courses.

Week 6: The Future

The final week just talks about helping you to plan your future. This means expanding your affiliate business. You won't learn anything new here beyond planning for the growth of your business. Again, simple, yet effective, stuff.

I would have liked the course to be a little bit longer, but Merlin has done a great job at packing tons and tons of content into just a few short weeks. At least this means you can start to make money a little bit quicker, right?

Does The 1K a Day Fast Track Training Work?

I wouldn't say that you are going to be making $1,000 per day with this system. Not now, and not in the future. Not unless you have a lot of money to be spending on advertising.

What I will say, however, is that this course does have the potential to make you some money from affiliate marketing. 

It isn't going to be an easy way of making money, and you will have to put more work in than the course makes it seems, but I do see this as a viable way to make some cash.

Pros & Cons


  • Effective method for making money online
  • Could potentially generate you a lot of money
  • Potentially make money within 6-weeks
  • Good introduction to internet marketing


  • Will never reach $1,000 per day with this course.
  • Requires you to spend money on advertising

Alternatives to Consider

If you don't want to spend $997 on a course I have some cheaper alternatives for you. Ironically, these alternatives are probably the best affiliate marketing courses available right now.

I have used all 3 and have learned a lot from each of them. 

Option #1 - Savage Affiliates [$197-$297]

This course is by Franklin Hatchett and he's a much bigger name than Merlin Holmes. He's got his own Youtube Channel where he gives away internet marketing tips for free.

His Savage Affiliates course has well over 200 videos of online instruction where you will learn Facebook & Google Marketing, free traffic, SEO Traffic, marketing funnels, email marketing, chatbot marketing & more. 

To sum it up, it's a complete course and you should at least have a look.

Option #2 - 301K Challenge [$197]

This course is by Igor Kheifets, he's very well known amoung other marketers because of the staggering numbers of sales he gets with new promotions. 

If email marketing excites you (and it should) then this is what Igor teaches. His email marketing is different than the 1K a Day training and in this course he brings y0u down to earth by saying that $1000 in your first 30 days is possible - which is much more believable.

See my review on 301K for more info.

Option #3 - The Authority Site System [$599]

If you have heard of affiliate marketers making money with "authority sites" then this course is going to teach you how to build one.

An authority site gets a lot of targeted traffic in Google and can make you money for years to come in your sleep. It has been created by the guys at Authority Hacker so you know it's good. To learn more, I highly suggest you enroll in this free training.

To learn more, refer to my Authority Site System review.

You can also check out my top affiliate marketing courses for other alternatives. I update this list often so you always get the best and latest courses reviewed.


1K a Day Fast Track Training is a course that helps people to learn about affiliate marketing in a structured way. It gives a very scaleable method that really will make you some money, assuming that you have the funds to spend on advertising.

For somebody new to affiliate marketing, I would recommend it. It does leave out a little bit, but it is going to provide an easy path to get started.

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    • Hi Derwin, that’s a question I can’t give you an honest answer, unfortunately. In fact, no one can as there are way too many variables to consider. I would watch the free training if you haven’t yet to get an idea.

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