The Best Jasper AI Alternatives for Content Creation in 2024

Jasper AI writer is an excellent AI writing tool in many ways. It helps you create meaningful content with simple inputs in no time.

Its algorithm is one of a kind, but if you're looking for something more affordable, you'll need Jasper AI alternatives that work similarly.

Jasper AI is a robust tool designed to assist you in crafting and generating content with easy-to-follow instructions and an extensive array of options.

Nevertheless, certain restrictions and limitations within some plans can harm your needs. You may need to choose more expensive plans to access some features you want to use. For those searching for alternatives, exploring other options for Jasper AI might be prudent. 

Why Look for a Good AI Writing Assistant?

There are many segments of online marketing strategy you should focus on if you want your internet presence to be known.

Creating quality content, handling email outreach, and analyzing how a particular strategy can get you better results by evaluating data through a marketing reporting dashboard.

But keeping everything in check costs you time, money, and effort, not to mention that you should excel at each segment. If you need to improve in writing high-quality and engaging copy, AI writing assistants such as Jasper AI prove to be of immense help. In all truth...

Jasper AI is a pricey solution, but which are the best alternatives?

1. ClosersCopy for Persuasive and Engaging Content

ClosersCopy is perfect for those who have yet to gain experience creating advertising copy. It provides users with various customizable templates tailored to specific purposes, such as sales emails, ads, landing pages, etc.

As a tool for creating unique sales content, it has many advantages, including access to sentiment analysis tools. Firstly, it follows the neural network of Open AI's GTP-3. On top of that, you have access to the drag-and-drop capabilities of its integrated AI editor.

The Key Features of ClosersCopy

This tool lets you choose a template from its library and a handy step-by-step copy wizard. Here are its key features:

  • Support for more than 120 languages
  • More than 300 plug-and-play marketing frameworks
  • More than 30 plug-and-play marketing workflows
  • Team setup
  • AI for writing content
  • Content insights
  • Wizard for writing step-by-step copy
  • Template library

2. WriteSonic Offers a Range of Features

If you need an efficient way to write high-quality content, try WriteSonic. It's not only considered to be among the best writing assistants, but it's also the most affordable one out there.

It's commonly used among social media managers, email marketers, and blog writers. This is a brilliant choice if you're looking for AI solutions to write longer-form blog content and short copies for social media moderation and email. 

As for the cost, it's not simply more affordable than Jasper AI - it's five times more cost-effective. You won't need a credit card; it's easy to access and user-friendly.

It encompasses features like API, automatic image insertion, and bulk generation. It also allows users to expand their texts, summarize articles, paraphrase, and generate ideas.

3. KoalaWriter as a Solution for Long-Form Content Generation

Discover KoalaWriter, an advanced tool for enhancing your content creation experience. I am a member of Koala and took advantage of a lifetime deal a while ago. I have say I am pretty impressed with Koala. With its user-friendly interface and manual or AI-powered SEO option, KoalaWriter offers a versatile solution for long-form content generation.

GPT-3.5 powers Koala's free plan, while a paid plan offers upgrading to GPT-4. Please note that GPT-4 currently generates content with a word count five times that of GPT-3.5, though the cost remains significantly lower than hiring a human writer.

Diversify your content with different perspectives, such as first, second, or third person. Enjoy the benefits of real-time search results and create structured outlines using H2 and H3 title tags. KoalaWriter makes it easy to send drafts straight to your Wordpress blog with it's easy integration.

This excellent Jasper AI alternative specializes in generating long-form blog posts, but it can create ready-to-publish Amazon affiliate articles upon request.

KoalaWriter proudly features a chat function powered by ChatGPT, capable of collecting real-time information from the web. adding an extra layer of functionality to your content creation process. Highly recommended for those seeking an enhanced content-generation experience.

4. Describely: Enhancing Your eCommerce Strategy Beyond Content Generation

In the dynamic world of eCommerce, Describely emerges as a game-changing solution for turbocharging your product content strategy. Crafting captivating product descriptions, titles, and tags becomes a breeze with Describely's intuitive platform, saving you time and effort. Yet,

Describely goes beyond efficiency – its integrated SEO tools empower you to dominate search rankings across various online marketplaces.

Wave goodbye to the complexity of managing product content on spreadsheets; Describely offers a unified platform for descriptions, meta tags, and more. Its instant content creation and publication feature lets you swiftly reach diverse sales channels.

Seamlessly aligning with existing eCommerce tools, Describely enhances your workflow, ensuring your content performance is at its prime.

Whether revamping existing content or launching afresh, Describely equips you with the tools you need to make a substantial impact across the eCommerce landscape.

5. Copy.AI Is Considered Jasper AI's Main Competitor

If we look at the top popular choices regarding artificial intelligence writing software besides Jasper AI, the constant combatant for spot No.1 is Whatever copy comes to mind or your business needs, will deliver.

This is the perfect tool for writers struggling with writing block or agencies looking to automate some writing processes.

Each plan has its own set of (impressive) templates, allowing users to produce different types of content. You can write anything - thank-you notes, resignation letters, and cover letters to well-crafted ads and marketing strategies.

It also has an integrated sentence paraphraser, formatting assistance, autocorrect, and grammar and tone checker. It can also be used to customize the writing style and edit to keep it consistent.

Choose Between the Free and Pro Plans

When it comes to pricing with Copy.AI, users get to choose between two exciting options - a Free plan that is very generous with features and a Pro plan that starts at $49 monthly.

The best thing about the Pro plan is that you can scale it up depending on the word count you require each month. Here is what you get with each plan:

  • The Free plan provides one seat, access to unlimited projects, more than 90 different copywriting tools, and a 7-day free trial for the Pro option.
  • The Pro plan (starting at $49 a month) provides five seats, unlimited projects, more than 90 different copywriting tools, content generation in more than 25 languages, and instant access to new features.
  • It also provides priority email support and a Blog Wizard feature. For the lowest price, you receive 40,000 words a month, while the price increases with the number of words up to over 300,000, where you get a custom price.

Pros and Cons of Copy.AI

Each AI solution on this list has pros and cons, but let's look at Copy.AI's advantages and disadvantages, as it's the most popular alternative to Jasper AI.


  • Features a suite of different templates which enable the generation of a wide variety of content
  • The free plan is very generous
  • Pricing is reasonable
  • Potential clients have the option of exploring demos (three lives per week)


  • It lacks some essential features like long-form blog post generation
  • Content may not always be related to the topic
  • It can prove to be slow at times and laggy
  • Long-form content takes effort and time

To see how Copy Ai stacks up to Jasper, do check out my Jasper AI VS Copy AI review.

6. Rytr Offers Support With Various Writing Tasks

Do you need catchy writing? Original copy? And high-converting ones at the same time?

Rytr helps businesses and agencies (and writers) save money and time while providing high-quality copies. If you're looking for something like Jasper AI free of charge, you should know that Rytr has a forever free plan, which comes as an unbeatable option among writing assistants.

However, it should be noted that, compared to Jasper AI, it has far fewer integrations.

Rytr's Reasonably Priced Plans

This tool is all about keeping it simple with its pricing. If you decide to try it out, here are its current plans:

  • Free, or the forever free plan. This option allows users to generate 10,000 characters per month, work in more than 30 languages, and use more than 20 unique tones. It also has a built-in plagiarism checker.
  • Saver plan for $9 monthly. This plan comes with all the Free features, but the character limit goes up to 100,000.
  • Unlimited plan for $29 a month. On top of all the Saver features, there is no character limit, and you get priority for email and chat support. With Unlimited, users also get a dedicated account manager.

7. Anyword Is a Versatile Tool

Perhaps the least-known writing assistant on this list, Anyword is still worth mentioning. It's not lacking in options or features but simply lacks the hype of other writing software. 

It's a solid option for marketing teams and agencies that require a copywriting tool that can streamline the process of creating social media content. You can even use it to draft research-based content like questionnaires; this will help strengthen your brand's products and services.

The best feature it offers is a tool for tone customization so that it can reproduce the tone of your brand. The predictive performance tool analyzes the written text and gives you a performance score based on metrics like SEO.

If used in combination with SEO reporting software, Anyword can be of great help to boost traffic and increase ranking.

Their plans include a free trial, Starter ($49 a month), Data-Driven Teams ($99 per month), and Business with custom pricing. They also offer 20% off for yearly payments.

Choose One of the Jasper AI Alternatives for an Automated Writing Process

The quest for viable alternatives to Jasper can be instigated by recognizing that it is one of the most costly writing tools available.

Despite its advantageous features, including the ability to generate content for social media platforms, Jasper needs to improve in certain key areas.

Notably, it needs more capacity to generate bulk content and automatically insert leads, which can be crucial for streamlining workflow processes. A notable limitation is its inability to seamlessly integrate with popular platforms like Medium or Wix, which can restrict its versatility and potential reach.

In light of these considerations, carefully evaluating and ultimately selecting a more suitable alternative takes on paramount significance. This decision-making process promises to unearth tools that match and exceed Jasper's capabilities, leading to heightened productivity and efficiency in all your writing endeavors.

By harnessing the power of a well-chosen alternative, you can unlock new avenues of creativity and streamlined functionality, thus paving the way for an enhanced and more fulfilling writing experience.

Still think Jasper satisfies your needs? Get a 7-day free trial here.

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