6 Figure Dropshipping Mastery Review: Justin Painter’s Ecommerce Course

If you're familiar with Justin Painter on Youtube, you might be aware of his course called the 6 figure Dropshipping Mastery. In this article I am going to review this product that's hosted on Teachable FOR $297 and make a recommendation if you should pick it up or not.

Who is Justin Painter?

Justin Painter (at time of this writing) is a 19 year old entrepreneur that seems to be doing well in dropshipping. At the age of 18 (end of 2018) he claims to have made $107,000 in a month using the drop shipping model with Shopify.

Now, if you don't know, whenever one of these guys on Youtube tell you how much money they make, remember these are revenue numbers, not profit. Check out my guide on expenses while running a Shopify store to get a better understanding of expenses involved. Anyway, regardless of that, if the numbers are true, that's pretty good for an 18 year old.

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Justin's YouTube Channel

Justin gives pretty good value on his channel for those looking to get into drop shipping. Keep in mind though like other Youtubers, he's not going to give away all his 'secrets' on how he really makes money with drop shipping. These Youtube channels are in a sense a funnel to get you warmed up to buy a course. 

Topics on his channel include things like an interview with one of his students that made over 23K in his first month, to how to sell your Shopify store, what the best niches are for 2019, things to do before starting your store and so on. He even has a series on how he tries to take a brand new store from $0-$1000 in the first two weeks.

6 Figure Dropshipping Mastery Course Review

Justin Painter's approach to his course is to walk you through the same steps he uses to create his own stores with his own "blueprint."

He says he knows how to find products that will make him a minimum of 10K a month. I'm not sure how anyone can make this bold prediction especially when you are looking for products and are always testing. We'd all be rich if we knew for sure what products will make you 10K a month or more.

In his program you will get to see him build a store from scratch. I do like this approach as it makes it easier to learn rather being told HOW to build your own store.

He says nothing will be held back in the course which is a given. Remember earlier I was telling you about how you don't get TOO much information in his Youtube channel? This is why - he needs to reveal this in a paid course! In his defence, this is the same strategy all Youtubers specializing in ecom do. It's completely acceptable because why should they give away all their secrets for free.

Let's Get into the Modules and See What You Get

There are 8 modules in the course which is all video based. If you prefer to learn this way then you're in luck.

Video length ranges from 2 minutes to 25 minutes for the longest video.

Module 1 - Introduction

Three videos here where Justin welcomes you to the course, telling you about expectations, tips and also a disclaimer (legal stuff)

Module 2 - Essentials of Dropshipping

There are 10 videos in this section totally about 40 minutes. Average video length is 3 minutes. This section deals with things like picking a niche, finding products guaranteed to sell (lofty claim here but ok!) finding reliable vendors on Ali-Express, how to get faster shipping etc. 

You'll also learn how to pick the correct name for your store. Take this section seriously as a store name (brand) can make or break your business!

He also has a couple videos 2 minutes long each on creating logos and advertising strategy.

Module 3 - Building Your Store

In this section you'll find 14 videos totaling just over an hour. The average length is about 3 minutes with the longest video 25 minutes in length. Not surprisingly because this long video is the one that shows you how to set up your store.

Topics in this section include setting up your Facebook Pixel, adding products to your store, naming your products properly, pricing & creating a good product description.

You'll also learn how to find high quality photos for your items, which Shopify plan you should pick (just go with basic in the beginning!) getting your domain, checkout timers, etc.

He also discusses what apps you need for your store. Apps come with a monthly fee that you can avoid by getting a premium theme. It makes sense from a cost perspective. I go into details in that regard, just click the link to learn more.

Module 4 - Instagram/Marketing

Fifteen videos are found in this module totaling about an hour. The longest video is just under 12 minutes long and others average about 3 minutes or so.

Here you learn how to set up your Instagram page, find influencers, and how to deal with them in respect to contact, negotiation, and what you should pay them.

Other videos include the best time of day to post an ad, how to scalre and sales funnels for influencer ads. There's also a video on Youtube influencer marketing.

Influencers will only get more expensive over time so it's something you should start implementing now. Building a relationship with a few influencers early enough could save you money long term.

Module 5 - Facebook Ads

Just 10 videos in this section totaling about 45 minutes. Topics include:

  • Facebook Intro
  • Understanding Campaigns
  • Tools
  • Testing products
  • Lookalike Audiences
  • Retargeting
  • Scaling

Justin has almost twice the amount of training in Instagram over Facebook. If you want to master Facebook ads for Dropshipping, i'm afraid the training here is very thin. 

I have you covered though because at the end of this article i'll suggest to you a kick ass course with a massive FB module.

Module 6 - Issues you'll have and How to Solve

This is a small section with 7 videos on dealing with issues that every drop shipper is going to experience at some point. 

Things like taxes, fulfilling orders, discussion on LLC, how to hire a virtual assistant and automating ads with an agency.

Module 7 - Selling Your Store

Six videos a few minute each tell you how you can sell your store and when you should. He gives you details how to list it, choosing the right price to sell it at and also gives you a guide on flipping stores.

If you're a newbie don't let this module cloud your learning. You should not even be thinking about selling your store just yet! 

Module 8 - 0-$55,000 Series

This section has 9 videos totaling about half an hour. This is a case study where he attempts to build a store from scratch and you are able to follow along with the progress. I did like this section as it can give you some good tips on how to set up your own store through a practical example.

Final Thought's on Justin Painter's Course

Justin definitely goes into a lot more detail in his course than what you would find on his Youtube channel, which is expected.

His material is good, teaches well and makes it easy to follow along and execute.

Now, I hate to pull the "but he's just a kid" card but the reality is he's just 19 and although seems to be successful, he just doesn't have the experience that a lot of other marketers in the same space have. 

If you must have his course, go for it but I do have an alternative if you want to listen to me for a sec.

As you may know if you have been reading my blog I have yet to find a better course than eCom Elites by Franklin Hatchett.

His course has so much more than Justins, including Google Ads, Google Shopping, Bots, and much more. Franklin is also a 2 comma club winner as you can see below. He's got the cred. There are two versions of his course, starting at  just $197. 

Read my eCom Elites review and see for yourself. I can comfortably recommend it because the content is outstanding and I use his strategies myself in my own stores.


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