Affilorama VS Wealthy Affiliate Review: Which one is best for 2021?

So you've seen the buzz online for both Affilorama and The Wealthy Affiliate and you can't decide between the two. Which one is the better option, or are these courses just a scam?

These are a couple questions that you might be asking yourself before joining either. I did a separate review for the Wealthy Affiliate that you can check out if you wish.

If you know the differences between these two then you can probably skip this part but I think it's important to understand what each course offers to help you with your decision.

By the time you finish, you'll have a clearer view and can get started on your business. Or, back to watching cat videos on Youtube. You decide.

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Pricing for Wealthy Affiliate and Affilorama

The most important thing I can imagine that a lot of people will want to know - what is the cost difference between these two. The Wealthy Affiliate charges $49 a month with an option to pay yearly at $359. If you pay yearly, you will save $229 a year.

Affilorama charges $69 a month but you can get a 3 year deal at $497. Most people will usually opt for a monthly charge to test it out to see if it's for them.

Both do offer a discount for your first month. For $19 you can get into the Wealthy Affilate for a month. For $1 you can try out Affilorama for 30 days.

The Founders

Both of these courses were founded in the mid 2000's. A couple guys named Kyle Loudin and Carson Lim founded The Wealthy Affiliate. They are also the owners of the keyword research tool Jaaxy.

You may have heard of Mark Ling, who founded Affiliorama and has been marketing online since 1999. He's an international speaker and very respected in this field.

Course Comparison - Free Trial & Paid options. First up - Affilorama

Affilorama's FREE training is done through tutorial articles, 120 video lessons and blog posts. The community is quite large, with about 300,000 worldwide.

There are 2 upsells - Affilioblueprint @ $197 and Affiliojetpack @ $997.

For the free training in Affilorama you get 93 videos that are accompanied with downloadable scripts. Since the training is free, you're going to find a lot of outdated material. This is the same for the Wealthy Affiliate. Both are rather dated.

There is a forum available to chat in but isn't very active. The Wealthy Affiliate wins here in regards to engagement. there's much more on the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

AFFILORAMA Premium Membership

To jump in, you just need to pay a buck. Like with WA, I decided to jump in to see what it's all about.

When you get access to the premium version you get 19 videos. I wasn't very impressed with this training because it seems almost half had little to do with affiliate marketing. 

You also get access to hosting domains. This you can get anywhere and I recommend Bluehost for this over what they offer.

Here's the biggest red flag. They provide you with 30 private license rights articles that you can use each month. They say you can use these on your blog and change if you wish. Wait... what? If you don't want to get a Panda penalty from Google then you better not even think of this. Worst dollar I ever spent.

Affiloblueprint and Affilojetpack Upsells

Beyond your $69 a month fees, they also push quite heavily two upsells - Affiloblueprint and Affilojetpack.

Affiloblueprint will cost you $197 (update - i believe this is free now). This video series teaches you (a newbie) how to become a successful internet marketer. Free or not, the monthly dues should be enough to learn how to do this. Not sure why this was ever marketed as a separate course within the course.

Affilojetpack needs to be avoided like the plague because this was created BEFORE Google put Panda in place. What I mean is with this "offer" you get a bunch of done for you websites with pre-written email content for you to use. All this for just $997 !!

Don't ever fall for crap like this. If everyone is using the same sites they'll all get slapped by Google and you'll never rank anywhere. Plus, some people fell for it I am sure and the same material is floating around everywhere. You need to have original content and an original site, not some cookie cutter copy. That shit doesn't work anymore.

In conclusion - I think it's very bad practice to have expensive upsells in any membership course. Whether the material is good or not, it should never be offered. People are paying enough already every month and to gouge for more just doesn't sit well with me. In this case, the 2nd upsell will even get you in trouble! Yikes.

The content you get in Affilorama is dated anyway so I don't know why anyone would stay on. I canceled almost immediately once I saw enough for the purposes of this review.

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership

I am happy to report there are no upsells in the Wealthy Affiliate. Before I tell you if it's a better course, please continue reading.

The paid training does not go much into niche research because it's assumed you have already picked your niche in the free training section. Of course, WA wants your niche to be "The Wealthy Affiliate" (if that's a niche) because they really want you to promote their course to make money helping them build their business even more. That's a win-win I guess.

This gives the course a quasi-MLM feel to it. It's pushed regularly throughout the training and it got annoying after a while.

There are 5 different levels in the "Online Entrepreneur Certification" section. These levels include:

  • Building your website
  • Makin money
  • Mastering social engagement
  • Content creation

Content in these modules was average and a lot of the training was dated. Nothing groundbreaking was found and a lot of this information can be found online for free.

Next, is their Affiliate Bootcamp Training.

There are 7 phases of training and the modules are as follows:

  • Getting your business rolling
  • Content, keywords, conversions
  • Social value
  • Get visual, aesthetic, brand through social media
  • Know your audience
  • Yahoo, Bing, PPC
  • More Wealthy Affiliate promotion tactics

You do get weekly webinars from their trainers which isn't half bad and I imagine if they didn't do this no one would stick around. Thankfully the live training is uptodate (obviously since it's live) unlike the dated training in the modules. Some of the training videos are from 2013 - no joke. 

In conclusion - the Wealthy Affiliate is ok if you want to learn how to make a website, promote the course and get in on their affiliate program and maybe even do some pay-per-click advertising for your own site.

If you want to learn SEO which is so important when it comes to building a website - you aren't going to learn much because the Wealthy Affiliate believes you can rank with "good content" and that "content is king." This is not true. It helps, but good content alone is not going to help you rank, so good luck with that.

So Wealthy Affiliate or Affilorama Then?

Short answer? Neither. Don't waste your money on either of these dated courses that have a cult-like following. They are not worth it especially with those monthly fees. 

I'd still give the edge to WA, but that isn't saying much. You'll benefit from what comes next.

Is There a Better Alternative?

I have two options for you. Both of these are cheaper in the long run because they don't have monthy fees. Both of these are superior in every way with the most up-to-date strategies with no dated crap found in either WA or Affilorama. I have bought many affiliate marketing programs and these two are simply the best I have seen so far.

Option # 1 - Savage Affiliates

For a one time fee of just $197 with no upsells and free updates, my first choice to learn affiliate marketing is Savage Affiliates.

With over 100 videos in the course including topics like SEO, Niches & product selection, Clickbank & Amazon affiliate marketing, free & paid traffic, email marketing, Chat bot marketing and more - it's a complete no fluff course that puts both Affilorama and Wealthy Affiliate to shame.

I am a member too and you can check out my Savage Affiliates review here.

Option #2 - The Authority Site System

From the "Authority Hackers" comes The Authority Site system. This course teaches you the right way how to build an authority site. An authority site is a blog on a certain topic and combined with affiliate marketing makes it very powerful. A site like this can earn you six figures a month of done properly.

The training is superb and you'll also get SEO training on how to rank your site just like with Savage Affiliates. 

I'm also a member and you can read my Authority Site System Review here.

I'd also suggest you check out this free webinar to see how these guys do this stuff. The content in this free webinar is excellent.

You can't go wrong with either of these alternatives.

If you're looking for many different ways to make money with affiliate marketing then Savage Affiliates will probably be your best option.

If you are serious about building out an Authority site on a certain topic (don't worry you get help choosing) then i'd go with The Authority Site System..

Keep in mind Savage Affiliates does also show you how to build an "authority site" but The Authority Site System focuses more on just building out your one site or more if you wish

If you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment below or contact me via my contact page. I answer all inquiries. 



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