Clickbank University 2.0 Review: Update – No Longer Available

Hey, Drew here. Welcome to my much anticipated review on Clickbank University 2.0! 

You'll be pleased to know I bought into the course and my goal here is to tell you what it's all about, who it's good for and whether you should pick it up or not.

Update: Clickbank University no longer exists. If you're looking to start an affiliate marketing business, I suggest you check out these courses here.

You probably already know it goes for $47 a month. You probably know it's creators are Matt Hulett, Justin Atlan and Adam Horwitz.

What you're curious about though is - is it worth it for you and should you buy it. Right?

Now, i'm not sure how much of the flashy sales stuff you watched or how much you know about the course already.

Clickbank University 2.0 is a Bit Different From Most Affiliate Marketing Courses Out There

There's 2 options that you can learn. Pick one, or do both! That's your call.

  1. Learn how to create and sell your own product as a vendor
  2. Focus entirely on the classic affiliate marketing model where you sell other people's products.

I personally prefer the latter where you focus entirely on selling other people's products rather than creating your own. I think most people getting into this program will choose this option as well.

Creating your own product takes a lot of time and money. This is something you should consider doing only after you've done well selling other people's products. Perhaps you could create a BETTER product of the one that you are promoting. There's a tip for ya!

Some Things to Know if You Buy This Course

If you dread upsells, I hate to burst your bubble but you're going to get some. They're a doozie.

Here's the first one:

Do NOT buy the Clickbank Builder 2.0!

For $594 they are going to try to convince you to buy their builder which is really just landing page building software. Skip it.

There are better solutions available for Wordpress page builders. My favorite one is by ThriveSuite.

Upsell #2

This one really bugged me. I mean you already are paying $47 a month for training, why shouldnt you get all the training? They want an additional payment of $97 for some advanced stuff. I skipped this part because I think it's kind of insulting to not have this included. If you get it please let me know what you think. I think it's not worth it.

Off to the CBU Members Area

On the main page of the course you'll get a welcome video from Adam and Justin. The video explains how to navigate around, how to get started, etc.

This is where you are going to decide if you want to be an affiliate or a vendor on Clickbank. Adam teaches the affiliate side while Justin teaches how to become a vendor where you'd create your own product and affiliates would promote it.

There's a few menu options but the two big ones are vendors and affiliates (choose one) and then there's a traffic section and a tools section. You'll also find access to the live webinars which you'll need to sign up to and the CBU forum as well.

Affiliate Training

The affiliate training module is conducted by Adam and is an 8 week program. To gain access to the full 8 weeks up-front, you have to enter your name an email on a form to get access. If you don't, you'll have to wait for the rest of the modules to unlock.

Let's break down these modules so you understand more of what you'll be getting inside. Pay attention to this part.

Week 1: Affiliate Marking on CB 

Just 3 videos in this first week totaling approx 18 minutes. Your first week will be done in less than 20 minutes. Short week for you. Go grab a beer.

  • Affiliate Profit Plan [4:25}
  • Setting yourself up for success [5:24] 
  • Setting Goals - how goals & mindset can help you achieve results [8:10]

Week 2: Understanding Affiliate Marketing

Another short week with about 25 minutes of training. If you know the basics of affiliate marketing and have a general understanding of Clickbank, then this section will bore you. There's also no secret when it comes to products but it's a combination of your passions and what sells which Adam states. Very general stuff and nothing groundbreaking here.

  • Introduction [1:32]
  • Affiliate Basics [6:07]
  • Navigating Through the CB Marketplace [13:07]
  • Secrets of the Top CB Products [5:20]

Week 3: Finding Your Passion

In this module you are going to learn all about why promoting a product you are passionate about will help you with your success. You will learn how to research products and how to choose the right one to promote. Be careful with huge niches like health & fitness which is mentioned here. They are super competitive so if you choose this, you better niche down. Meaning, choose a sub category of a subcategory, i.e. - Lose weight on thighs for women 40 & over. Just as an example so you know what I am trying to get at.

  • Introduction [1:31]
  • Discovering Your Passion [3:03]
  • Researching Products in Your Niche [4:59]
  • Picking the Perfect Product [5:36]

Week 4: The Ultimate Affiliate Funnel

You'll get about 25 minutes worth of training in week 4. In the traffic section, Adam tells you that traffic should be sent to a landing page where you'll collect emails and market to these customers over and over. This is the correct strategy to build a long lasting business. Do not send traffic straight to the offer. The affiliate funnel 101 is all about offering something for free in exchange for an email. In the "building squeeze pages" video Adam tells you how to build a squeeze page with their product - the Clickbank builder. Again, do NOT buy this expensive software. 

  • Introduction [1:03]
  • The Truth About Traffic [4:22
  • Affiliate Funnel 101 [5:44]
  • Building Squeeze Pages [14:38]

Week 5: Free, Free, Free - Always Over Deliver

This week covers the concept of "over-delivering" where you provide a ton of value for free. You'll learn how to build a relationship with your list. Without this it will be difficult to sell anything to them. You will also learn how to create content whether it be a PDF, a video, broadcasts, etc. Lastly, you will learn how to outsource this stuff so someone creates it for you. Strange enough, Adam mentions Elance. Elance is now Upwork and has been so for a few years now. Just exactly how old is this training? Even people in the comments section noticed this! 

  • Introduction [1:19]
  • Building a Relationship with Your List [4:02]
  • Different Ways to Deliver Free Content [6:28]
  • Outsourcing Your Content [5:44]

Week 6: Writing the Perfect Swipe

You'll be done week 6 in 20 minutes. Adam teaches you how to have the best chance for your customers to open their email and also make sure they click. The right subject lines and trigger words for clicks is his answer. Just so you know, you can't control this.

There's ways to enhance the chances but there are no guarantees. In some niches the open rates are higher than others. That is a reality no one can control. This section is all theory with no practical instruction. What's worrysome here is he's advocating "clickbaity" type headlines and anchors (text you can click on) that can trigger a spam filter. Then guess what - you'll go straight to your customer's spam box!

  • Introduction [1:28]
  • Getting Them to Open the Email [6:04]
  • Making Sure They Click [6:17]
  • Offering Bonuses [5:26]

Week 7: The Email Blueprint

CBU 2.0 recommends using AWeber as your email solution. Personally I prefer GetResponse but then again I am biased because I've never used AWeber before. The custom workflows in GetResponse are awesome and fun to make. AWeber is ok I guess. 

You'll get a basic over-the-shoulder video walkthrough of how to send a Broadcast email to all your subscribers. It's disappointing to see that you are going to be taught an archaic form of email automation. Adam walks you through a typical "autoresponder" setup where emails are sent based on intervals you set. This is old school! Nowadays we use "workflows" where you can track a customer's action and follow that up with a specific command. For example if the email wasn't opened, you can resend it after a few hours with a different headline or if i link was clicked, you can send more offers based on what was clicked.

What Adam teaches is the "dumb" way of doing email marketing which was introduced more than 20 years ago. You aren't learning the new way how to do email marketing by using more advanced features like workflows and conditions.

  • Introduction [1:17]
  • Using Broadcasts [12:30]
  • Automating Your Emails [8:11]
  • Creating Quality Content [5:44]

Week 8: Scaling and Expanding

After a brief introduction Adam talks about traffic and how you should focus only on one method. He then will direct you to the traffic section, so nothing to learn here. Don't worry I will cover the traffic section to see what they've got. I've got you covered!

In opening the floodgates he again "talks traffic" but doesn't actually teach anything, You'll need to head to the traffic section. He does go on talking about how you can get traffic from Influencers, Facebook ads and Youtube traffic.

In creating a product it's just an intro to the Vendor section where you would create your own product and potentially integrate the email list you have built up.

  • Introduction [1:53]
  • Toolkit Traffic Area [2:30]
  • Opening the Flood Gates [5:30]
  • Creating a Product [6:34]

Summary of The Affiliate Training

I feel like I don't even need to sum this up for you because you probably know already. If you haven't read above, please go back and read it. It's really important for you to understand what you are getting and not getting.

The training is incredibly light. It's mostly theory with no practical examples. It's outdated. To be honest with you I am shocked. I was expecting a lot more because i've read other reviews saying how great and how much content there is. WHAT? Unreal.

To REALLY put this in perspective. You can finish 8 weeks of training in less than 3 hours.

When you compare 3 hours of training to the 180 plus hours of training in a course like Savage Affiliates - well, I think you'll soon see how shortchanged you are with CBU 2.0

Jump to my suggestions on better options to CBU 2.0 if you want to succeed in affiliate marketing.

Clickbank University Vendors Section Review

Are you looking to create and sell your own product rather than be an affiliate of someone else's? This section is going to teach you just that. I will break this down for you to see what you're going to be taught and whether or not this is going to be any use to you. 

The training teaches you to create your own digital product based on your passion. Think of a cooking guide, improve your golf game or how to train your dog. That's the kind of stuff you'll be creating.

Now full disclaimer, If you have never done affiliate marketing before, you really should not start with this model. It's important that you learn how to sell someone else's products first before creating your own. The reason for this is that once you have mastered selling other products and have built a list or audience, you could create your own product in that niche and if it's successful, you could make a lot of money.

You'd keep ALL the profits if you sell it yourself or you could have a bunch of affiliates selling for you. That could really skyrocket things if your product takes off. 

The training for Vendors is done by Justin Atlan. Let's dive in.

Week 1: How everything Works and Setup for Success

In this first week Justin introduces you to the world of vendors where you create your own products. 

The first week starts off with an introduction which talks about the advantages of creating your own product. In the second week Justing says one of the most important things in this business is mindset. The video is just under 7 minutes long and talks about creating certain habits and strategies to help you along. Taking action is a big part here where you need to start right away and to not worry about perfection. I did like this video because I am not a fan of long and drawn out mindset videos because it keeps it basic and real.

The Product Profit Plan video in the first week talks about blending three things. Your passion, the profitability of the market and also what you are experienced in. There will some thinking to do here because all 3 elements need to be present in order for this to be successful.

The last video is about goal setting. I think this video should have just been mashed in with the mindset video so it seems a bit misplaced. End of week 1.

  • Introduction [3:36]
  • Mindset for Success [6:30]
  • Product Perfect Plan [6:13]
  • Creating Goal Fuel  [7:07]

Week 2 - Finding Your Perfect Product

In this module, Justin explains that finding your "perfect product" is really about three things. It's combining your knowledge, your passion and the market opportunity.

In other words, you would create something that you are excited or know a lot about and - know it's going to sell. All 3 elements must be present in order for this venture to be successful.

In the "discovering your passion" video Justin walks you through Clickbank to see all the topics and categories. It's a good way to discover some passions of your that you may not have ever thought you could make money from.

In the "Analyzing Your Market" video you will analyze a potential market to see if it's worth getting into. To determine if your product will sell, there needs to be a few things present. - an emotional need, are customers actively seeking a solution to the problems your product solves and is there a reason to create extra value to your customer so they can buy from you and not someone else. This is all explained in this 25 minute video.

In the "Learning from your competition" video, you'll learn how to acheive a formula for success by analyzing other products in the Clickbank platform.

  • Introduction [3:04]
  • Discovering Your Passion [24:02]
  • Analyzing Your Market [25:16]
  • Learning From Your Competition  [7:07]

Week 3 - Creating Your Avatar

You're probably thinking that an Avatar is an image of yourself or some other character that represents you. Or you might be thinking of the movie lol. It's not either. What is discussed in this week is that an Avatar is a "concept" of who your customer is. It encompasses who they are, what they like, etc. Your product needs to match up with this Avatar so Justin explains here how to do this.

In the next video, Justin goes over Finding Your Avatar's Desires and Fears. You'll need to know about your demographic such as age, gender, language, location, income, education, etc. This will allow you to market effectively to your customer. 

In the Creating Your Elevator Pitch and USP video, you'll learn about your elevator pitch. Essentially this is a one minute pitch that you're going to do to get them to buy your product.

In the last video Choosing a Name and Domain - you'll learn how to choose the right name and domain name for your product. He walks you through and shows what to pick for the best possible outcome. By the way you don't have to use Godaddy for this as there's others like Namecheap which I prefer anyway.

  • Introduction [2:38]
  • Finding Your Avatar's Desires and Fears [6:19]
  • Creating Your Elevator Pitch and USP [6:12]
  • Choosing a Name and Domain  [12:30]

Week 4 - Course Content Creation & Outsourcing

This week is all about creating your product. Your content is basically the product whether it's in written or video format or even audio.

Videos topics include "The Ultimate Outline" where you'll learn how to break down your course all the way from the introduction to the ending outcome where they feel satisfied with the information you have given them.

The next video talks about Product Formats. After you have your outline finished, you'll be taught what is the best format for your product. Will you do text, audio, video, or a combination. This lesson helps you decide.

In the Contet Structure Blueprint video, you will learn Justin's formula or "blueprint" for that matter on how to deliver your content.

  • Introduction [2:47]
  • The Ultimate Outline [12:09]
  • Product Formats [7:46]
  • The Content Structure Blueprint  [10:38]

Week 5 - Your Perfect Upsell to Maximize Sales

I am sure you have bought a product before only to be super annoyed but upsells. Well, now you're going to understand why these are so profitable because you're going to learn in this section how to create your own upsell(s) to make even more money.

In the "Understanding the Numbers" video, Justin explains to you how over time you could double or even triple the amount of money you make with your upsells. Essentially these are 'mini' products that you are going to create to compliment your main product. In the following video he explains how to make upsells easier, faster or better with his formula.

The last video talks about upsell copy and pricing. You'll learn proper copy for upsells and how to price them.

  • Introduction [1:49]
  • Understanding the Numbers [5:29]
  • Upsell Types & Faster, Easier or Better Formula [7:46]
  • Upsell Sales Copy & Pricing  [11:40]

Week 6 - High Converting Sales Copy

This module is taught by someone different with an English accent. His name is Matt O'Connor. Apparently this guy had something to do with the copy for CBU course. Anyway, in this module you are going to learn all about sales & video sales letters, how to make sales through writing copy, target audiences, big ideas and things like the structure of a sales letter.

You will want to pay attention to this module as good sales copy can be the difference between success and failure. 

  • Basics of Copy [15:4]
  • The Big Idea [10:27]
  • A Copy Template [29:11]

Week 7 - The "EASY" VSL

Back with Justin again where he teaches you how to do a VSL - video sales letter. It's important to understand that most products on Clickbank have a video sales letter. Don't worry you won't have to get in front of a camera, you're going to learn how to do "text" VSL. You have probably seen this before where you see text on a screen that moves while being narrated.

The format is setup using Powerpoint followed by Camtasia. This is pretty much the old way of doing things and although I own Camtasia and love it, there are other all in one solutions out there that can do these text VSL's much easier and at a pretty low price. Just Google "text vsl tool" and you'll get a bunch of results. You can use the same format taught, just the tools will be different and probably better. What is taught is a very manual way of doing things.

You can also outsource doing this and there's a video on outsourcing as well.

  • Introduction [4:43]
  • PowerPoint Process [27:35]
  • Camtasia Tech Training [10:05]
  • Outsourcing Slide Creation, Voiceover, Video  [12:19]

Week 8 - Finalizing Your Product Via Clickbank Builder, etc.

In week 8 you are going to finalize your product using your own program or the Clickbank Builder. You'll learn how to get someone that visits your page and convert them into a customer. This is a marketing step that puts you in the shoes of your customer. You'll understand how to think like them and how to put all of this together to reach a goal - sales.

The "customer experience flow" it discussed and how it looks page by page. Two important pages discussed are the sales page and the product page.

  • Introduction [3:00]
  • Customer Experience Flow [7:45]
  • Sales Page Creation [29:09]
  • Product Page Creation  [8:49]

Week 9 - Getting up on Clickbank

In this week you'll learn how to set up your Clickbank account so you are all set for the Clickbank Marketplace.

You'll also learn how to set up your website and your items and to integrate your website on the Clickbank platform. You'll also learn how to do a test purchase just to make sure everything is up and running once you're finally done.

  • Introduction [1:12]
  • Setting Up Your Website and Items [9:30]
  • Making a Test Purchase [19:03]
  • Creating Your Marketplace Listing  [9:15]

Week 10 - JV Managing

This is where you are going to learn how to get affiliates and JV's to promote YOUR product. There's over 100,000 affiliates using Clickbank to sell products so you are going to want to get a piece of that pie to sell yours. Justin explains the process to help you get out there so you can grab affiliates and JV partners to sell your product for you.

He goes into detail about the mentality of trying to get affiliates interested in your product. In the video "Creating Affiliate Tools" you can use the Clickbank Builder to set this up to make it easy for affiliates to promote you. 

In the video "Getting into the Affiliate Circle" Justin tells you how you can try to get into this "circle." Essentially this is a group of affiliates that promote certain products that actually know each other, share strategies and so on. Think of it as a club. If you can get in, they are going to work for you and make you a ton of money. Justin breaks this down but does explain it will take some work. I just assume you are not afraid of work, right?

  • Introduction [3:12]
  • Affiliate Mentality and Approach [11:57]
  • Creating Affiliate Tools [3:54]
  • Getting Into the Affiliate Circle  [14:26]

Week 11 - Split Testing

In week 11 you are going to learn how to do split testing with your sales pages or any page that involves some kind of action. Once you find which one works the best, you can declare that as the winner. 

In Justin's "Testing Blueprint" he breaks down his strategy for split testing. One of the things he suggests is to wait for enough data before you do these tests. In other words you're going to need some sales first. 

He also details split testing using tools sucn as I'd suggest doing split testing using Thrive with the Wordpress platform. It's only $19 a month and you get a ton of tools including sales page, funnel builders, split testing and more. With VMO it's going to cost you at least $149 a month. That's just crazy.

Finally, they show you a case study on the previous version of CBU where they did split tests so you can get a better idea of how it is done.

  • Introduction [3:31]
  • The Testing Blueprint [8:12]
  • How to Test Using Tools [25:54]
  • The ClickBank University Case Study  [17:44]

Week 12 - How to Scale

In this week you are going to learn how to scale your business. One of obvious ways is to expand on your traffic. Justin refers you to the "traffic" section of the course which we will get into later. 

The stragegy that he talks about in this week is to promote other related products with the customers that you already have. This is done through a funnel using an email marketing program like GetResponse that will help you make more money down the line. Another way to scale is to create more product lines

Lastly, he talks about coaching, speaking events & consulting. Basically you'd be doing this through a live webinar where you promote a high ticket item. This isn't for everybody, but for the ones that are interested in this stuff Justin does a pretty good job explaining how to do this.

  • Introduction [2:06]
  • Funnel Creation with Affiliate Offers [7:13]
  • Creating a Product Line [5:23]
  • Coaching, Consulting, Speaking  [10:52]

Bonus Section

This ends the formal training for the vendors section. Here you are taught how to create webinars to sell products to people in a live environment. A lot of people are doing webinars these days and if you take advantage of it, you can make a lot of money.

You'll get a 13 minute video from some new guy on doing live webinars. You'll learn about the different types of sales funnels and how to successfully execute a live webinar. As I mentioned it's not for everyone, but if you are a confident speaker you can do this. Even if you are not, do some mock webinars and listen back how you did. You'll know right away what to improve on.

My Final Thoughts on the Vendors Section

If you are strictly interested in creating your own product, I think you will have more success with this module than those that only focused on the affiliate section. The training was well laid out and covered all aspects of creating a product to market.

Keep in mind this is only on Clickbank, but from what you have learned you can also market the same product on another platfrom like JVzoo for example.

What I didn't like about this training was that it was 90% theory without many practical examples. I prefer to see things in action with an "over-the-shoulder" type training rather than a visual of someone just talking. 

In a way you are left to figure things out on your own with the knowledge you attained from the lessons. However, creating a product does take a lot of effort on your part so if you follow along what was said, you should be able to execute. You may need some outside resources such as doing more research on building pages and such, but for the most part the training is all you'll need.

I'll give this section a pass because it does prepare you well for everything you need to know on launching your own product.

Traffic Section

In this section, the most successful traffic methods from the founders are revealed. They admit they don't list ALL the traffic methods they know about. Their reasoning is that they don't want to overwhelm you with other methods.

I'd like to call them out on this claim. Traffic is going to be your hardest obstacle and you should have ALL possible traffic methods taught. Maybe they were just lazy about it and wanted to get this course done with, or they just really don't know any other methods.

In Savage Affiliates for example you get many different methods to generate traffic and that's one of the reasons I find the affiliate training superior over this course.

The training has also been sourced out to other marketers, they don't do this training themselves. Perhaps they aren't experts in traffic? Either way, I think they screwed up here. Since the course has a recurring fee, all possible traffic methods should be included. Don't you agree?

Anyway, here's the traffic methods that are taught:

Youtube Ads

This is taught by Will Flynn. You'll learn how to set up a Youtube channel and run traffic to your video via paid ads.

Facebook Ads Introduction

Taught by some guy named J.R. Fisher. It's a bit confusing because it doesn't jump into FB ads rather than talks about some mindset stuff from "How to get stuff done" to "your brain is your enemy" and "you need to convince your brain is OK" All right then!

Then you'll learn about goals, why you should use Facebook Advertising, a discussion on advertising budgets and drop shipping? Not sure why they included dropshipping in here but if you want to learn about it i do a comparison between dropshipping and affiliate marketing.

Set up Your Facebook ads with Robby Blanchard

I guess the founders of CBU are not too experienced with Facebook ads so they had to bring on a guest to teach it. You may have heard of Robby Blanchard before as he is apparently the #1 seller on Clickbank. He even has his own course out called Commission Hero which I also reviewed. Check it out.

In this training, you'll learn how to set up your Ad account, create ads, setting up your pixel, adsets and so on. It's just one video which appears to be a recorded webinar. Although it's an hour and a half long, you still are not getting near the amount of Facebook Ads training like you would find in Savage Affiliates.

Paid Search Ads with Fred Lam

You probably have heard the name Fred Lam before. He's a serial course developer in almost every aspect of marketing there is. His specialty is paid advertising in Google.

In this training it's another recorded webinar that's about an hour long. Fred gives an overview on Google and Bing ads.

The information is outdated and even in the comments section people are calling it out.

Instagram Shout-Outs by Adam Horwitz

Here, Adam shows you ways how to drive traffic via Instagram to either your affiliate product or vendor product.

The tactic is using influencers to post "shout outs" of your offer. This can drive loads of hits to your page and is actually very targeted because you are choosing influencers that are in your niche. 

The strategy is to create a squeeze page where you will collect emails and then sell to your list later on.  He then tells you how to contact these influencers and the next steps to take. Remember this is an option where you will have to pay the influencer for each shout out. Prices can range anywhere from $20 to several hundred if you want to get real crazy.

My Thoughts on the Traffic Section

Although the methods taught are legit, I found the 'webinar' style training to be both outdated and also confusing to someone new. 

There's no mention of SEO traffic and how to accomplish this, which is the best form of traffic in my opinion. Chances are you have reached this page because of my SEO efforts. 

In short, the modules need to be updated with some kind of formal training, not just slapping up a webinar that was previously recorded.

Also, there should be more traffic strategies shared. They claim to only list the ones that work for them but I think this is a cop out. Either they don't know of other traffic strategies or are just too lazy to create content for them. 

If you want to learn a ton of ways to get free traffic either through SEO or other FREE methods, skip to the botton of my review for my suggestion.


Some of these "tools" are not tools at all such as Godaddy where they show you how to get a domain name. Not sure why this is here. They also recommend video editing software called Camtasia which is a program I use myself but it's not cheap. 

A cheaper alternative to Camtasia recommended is called APowersoft but it's just for recording your screen. You can just Jing for free but can only do 5 minutes of recording - if that works for you.

Canva is another resource mentioned which I also use and it's free but there is a paid version. The free version is great and I suggest you use it also.

They also mention using Hootsuite for managing your social media accounts and to increase social media activity. There's a free and paid option for this.

For email, they promote AWeber. I'm going to tell you right now to get GetResponse instead - I use it and it's a great platform with their workflows and automations. Their chat support is great too and always available if you need help.

My Thoughts on the Toolkit

When I saw they had a section for a toolkit immediately I thought they had some proprietary tools they created for you to use. This is clearly not the case.

They just recommend a bunch of tools (some are not) to use and give a brief introduction to them. Some I use myself as mentioned above, so will have to agree with their inclusion. i I think maybe the heading of this title should be "Recommended Tools" rather than "Toolkit" as it seems a little misleading. I don't know, what do you guys think?

My Wrap-Up and final Thoughts of Clickbank University 2.0

I think the "Vendors" section was pretty good to be honest. It had some decent training on how to get your own product to market, so you're definitely going to learn something if that's what you wish to accomplish.

The training for the affiliate section is a different story. It just doesnt go into detail enough where I can feel confident that you are going to succeed. I also don't like the fact that most of it is just theory with Adam talking on video.

To learn affiliate marketing properly, you need an over-the-shoulder approach with examples, case studies and more. The affiliate section severly lacks content and virtually everything that is taught is basic and can be found online for free.

So while I recommend the vendors section, I can't recommend the affiliate training in this course.

So What do I Recommend Instead and is a Better Alternative to CBU 2.0?

I have two options for you depending on what you want to accomplish. If you are a complete newbie and want to learn affiliate marketing from scratch without creating a product, I highly recommend Savage Affiliates.

This course is perfect for noobs, does not have a monthly recurring fee and costs just $197.

You will learn many different traffic strategies including SEO which is not taught in CBU 2.0. You'll learn how to create an authority blog that will bring in passive income in your sleep, literally. There's well over 100 videos of content and completely overshadows CBU 2.0. 

The training is not outsourced either, it's all done by Clickfunnels 2 Comma club winner Franklin Hatchett. It's the best affiliate marketing training in my opinion and i'm also a member of his course. It's helped me make a lot more money in affiliate marketing and i'm not even a newbie.

Imagine what it could do for you.

So check out my Savage Affiliates Review and Video Walkthrough of the course. It will be worth a couple minutes of your time, trust me!

The next option is The Authority Site System

This course is dedicated to showing you how to build an "authority site" only. It's very advanced but the training is also geared towards beginners. They way how they build sites is just the way I do, so I know it's good.

It's a little more expensive, but if building a site that makes passive income day after day interests you, this is the course to get.

I strongly suggest you set aside one hour and check out their free training webinar here.

You are going to learn a lot.

You'll also want to see my Authority Site System Review for a deeper look into the course. I'm also a member so I take you right in.

If I have not done a good job convincing you that CBU 2.0 is not something I can recommend, then go with one of my alternative suggestions.

I do hope you take my suggestions into account, The calibre of training when comparing CBU to either Savage affiliates or The Authority Site System just doesn't compare.

It's like comparing junior kindergarten to University. I know that may seem like a far stretch but I have all these courses and stand behind that claim.

Best of luck!


Drew Mann

6 thoughts on “Clickbank University 2.0 Review: Update – No Longer Available”

  1. This is the only review of CBU 2.0 in the top ~8 Google results that actually broke down and reviewed the content. It’s also the first one that didn’t promote WA. Any sites that promote WA are painfully shallow and reveal equally painful motives. Thank you for being thorough and honest, as well as for making plenty of complementary recommendations. My only complaint is that the “chat bot” has a massive collision box that gets in the way of scrolling on mobile. Otherwise, great site with great information.

    • Hi John, This particular review took a long time to do so I appreciate your positive feedback. I’m not a fan of the Wealthy Affiliate because I don’t think it’s a good course and i’ll never promote it. As for the chatbot, i’ll have to look at it and see what can be done. Thanks again!

  2. First of all, i would like to introduce myself, my name is Hernan I’m 42 and Im just finished to watched an “Email Startup Incubator Anik Singal’s Presentation Webinar. To be honest I really got hooked up with the Email Marketing Business. I’m what you call a complete “newbie” and want to learn affiliate marketing from scratch without creating a product, But for some reason I had my doubts since this is not my first flashy presentation webinar. But putting that aside I believe there is some real opportunity for me and making a live out of it. Add would like to add that I had pay two overprice courses and still couldn’t make any dollar out of it… So my question would be. Do you think it worth te price to paid, the time to spent and the patience required to start from scratch an Email Marketing Business. I would really appreciate and honest answer to my question, because I think this is what I’m looking for a long time and I believe I might just found it.



    • Hi Herman, an email marketing business can be very luctrative but this is just one piece of the puzzle. You should have some type of property whether it’s a blog or Youtube channel with content and to also have email marketing as a way to get additional sales. The reason for this is you want to build a brand and trust. Doing email marketing as a standalone can work, but it’s much more effective when you have a foundation. A good affiliate marketing course will have an email module and Franklin Hatchett does an excellent job on this in Savage Affilites. Best part is the course is inexpensive compared to many others but content wise I believe it is superior. Hope that helps.

  3. Thanks, Drew
    I had tried Click Bank many years ago with no success. There was no university back then. Now after reading this you shed the light about this software and did it in a professional way. I wanted to thank you for taking the time to put this together. I’m going to check out Savage Affiliates. It seems to be a better fit.
    I presently use Thrive Themes and it’s one hell of a deal compared to others. I have found that one of the issues that companies have is not keeping up with the changing times. I know it’s expensive, I feel it would make sense to state that something like ” Hey we are constantly updating our videos and overall content to supply our customers with the lasted and greatest products” That would really help.
    Thanks again

    • You’re welcome Sean. I agree Thrive Themes is pretty awesome, don’t know what i’d do without Thrive Architect alone!

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