eCom Masters Review – Shopify Course by Joaquin Corrales

You might be familiar with Joaquin Corrales from his Youtube videos where you see him wearing some kind of crazy face mask while driving his car.

If you watched the video you’ll soon get it as he explains how he made a lot of money with that ridiculous item. He then tells you how you too can make up to $1500 a day or more doing what he does – dropshipping.

To do this, he shows you everything in his eCom Masters course.

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Ecom Masters Review

As mentioned earlier, you probably only know about the course from Joaquin’s ads on Youtube. If you have done any form of searches for ecom, chances are you are going to see his ads. At the time of this writing they are still up.

He does something different getting you into his funnel though. If you click on the link you’ll be taken to a sign up form for a webinar. The webinar may appear to be live but it’s actually a recording and starts and different times that you can choose.

If you have the time to sit through a webinar and that’s your thing, then it’s worth it to listen to what he has to say. For me, i’d rather not have to commit myself to a webinar and just read some kind of sales page, but this is the strategy he has decided to go with for his course.

Here’s a brief outline of what you can expect if you buy the course:

  • How they make $1400 a day in sales with a store they spend 1 hour a week tweaking
  • How to source products where they know will make instant sales & money
  • Layout of store that is being used to sell thousands of different products
  • Shows you their ad account where they make $10 for every $1 spent
  • Comes with free software and app
  • Live 1 on 1 coaching 24/7 with your own personal coach. – This is the main reason for the higher cost of the course

Content in Ecom Masters

  • 130+ Videos
  • One on One Coaching
  • Bonuses


The course is jam-packed with videos, 130 for the regular training and around another 30 for showing you how to install the software bonuses that come with the purchase of the course. You'll see how to setup your business and also goes into great details with Facebook


So by now you’ve probably guessed that the personalized one on one coaching is the greatest asset of Ecom Masters. If you feel that you will benefit by having this then by all means the course is worth the money. If you look at how much the ecom guru’s charge for personal coaching (could be hundreds of dollars an hour) then the course will pay for itself easy.

However, if you feel that you don’t need this hand holding and can follow the course materials and implement them on your own, then i’d suggest just to pick up eCom Elites and the eCom Turbo theme,

Together you’re spending only $344.00 and that’s with the unlimited license for the theme. Compared to the price tag of Joaquin’s course at $1750.00, you’re saving exactly $1406.00. You could invest that money you save into Facebook ads which in my opinion is a smart move.

Let’s Talk About the Bonuses You Get

What I like about this course is that they have weekly Q&A sessions so any of your concerns can be addressed here. You’ll find that seeing questions from other people will help you as well as you’ll pick up some additional tips that could benefit you.

Additional training videos get posted as well as they make them, so you’re always in the know of new strategies as the coaches become aware of them.

Final Thoughts on Ecom Masters

For newbies or intermediates that want to improve their store, this course will thrust them to succeed at a much higher rate.

Going at ecom alone is a huge mistake because you need to learn from the masters that went through all the ups and downs, mistakes, lost money and so on. When you know what works you are in such a better position to succeed.

So if you want to have a more personalized experience and be coached through your store setup and scaling, ecom Masters is a good choice. 

Is There a Cheaper Alternative to Ecom Masters?

As you probably figured out already, it’s Ecom Elites. Ecom Elites has 2 versions, the Standard package which is just $197 and the Ultimate at $297. There are over 175 videos in this course and you will learn full product research, Facebook & Instagram training, email marketing, chatbots, Google SEO traffic, Google Shopping Ads, sales funnels and more. 

It’s a complete course and way underpriced in my opinion. Best of all, it’s taught by 7-figure earner and 2 Comma Club award winner Franklin Hatchett.

I’m a member also and I take you into the course so you can see my review on Ecom Elites right here

In the same review I do a video walkthrough of the course too. I urge you to check it out!

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