Recession Profit Secrets Review: Scam or Legit Course?

If you watched the intro video to Recession Profit Secrets, you probably felt a little alarmed. All that talk about hyperinflation, the rich getting richer off your back and the possibility that you will lose everything and be forced to eat from a dumpster.

It's pretty rivoting stuff.

I get that the salesvideo needs to strike a chord with everyone. But I can't predict if and how bad things can get in such a financial crisis.

What I do know is that hyperinflation is real and has affected many countries and could possibly affect you as well.

So how do you protect yourself? 

This Recession Profit Secrets review by a real user (I have the course).  I take you inside and tell you what you're getting.

You'll know if it's for you or not by the time you're done reading.

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What is Recession Profit Secrets?

Recession Profit Secrets teaches you step-by-step how to accumulate wealth while the rest of the world struggles economically. It was created by financial expert Richard Pierce.

The program breaks down the origins of money and gives you an understanding of its foundation. 

With even just under $100 it can teach you how to become a millionaire as referenced by one of the many testimonials from its students.

You will also learn of the #1 secret that banks, CEO's. governments and the richest men in the world are hiding from you and why.

It was created because the author has a belief that another great depression is under the horizon. This includes hyperinflation, global debt, job losses and other factors that will contribute to chaos.

That sounds pretty depressing however those are his words!

The training is in downloadable, printed format. I prefer video training but somehow having it written seems to work well, especially for this type of content.

Who is Richard Pierce?

Richard Pierce is the author of Recession Profit Secrets and made his first million by the time he was 35. He's a financial expert and has learned how to protect his money from the "dollar burning cartel" as he puts it.

He has been a financial advisor to some of the richest people in the world.

When Googling "Richard Pierce" I found an American baseball player, scholar and historian with the same name but not much about the guy below. Apparently he's been "seen on" Fox, CBS and the like.

Who is Recession Profit Secrets For?

The course is for those that are concerned about hyperinflation and all the negatives such as homelessness, job losses, crime, riots, etc., that come with it.

It's for those that want to understand how money works and how you can make it work for you in other areas. These other money-getting resources are unconventional but not illegal. 

You will learn how to turn a little bit of money into a lot more if done right.

Who is Recession Profit Secrets Not For?

If you are the type that would rather save your money, keep it in the bank and never take any risks, then this course is not for you.

However you don't have to invest a lot, only invest in what you are comfortable with.

Course Modules and Content

There are 5 modules in the course. You will want to study these modules in order because each one builds upon from the next. 

By studying them in order. you will begin to understand the concepts taught in the course in a much clearer way and be able to start implementing them.

There is a "Quick Start Guide" which summarizes all 5 modules so you can get an overview of all 5 modules first. Then, you can download each module separately to get each full module which includes a lot more detail.

Module 1 - The Great Conspiracy

Module 1 is all about the foundations of money and economics. It gives you an insight into the past to better help you understand the present.

The focus of Module 1 is to help you better undertand our global situation in the present and what we did to get here.

Topics covered are commodities like silver and gold, money substitutes, Fiat money (government issued currency) and answering many questions like how banks and the credit system works, etc.

There are 4 parts to Module 1 with a total of 48 pages here. So a lot of info to digest.

Here's a snapshot of just the first two parts:

module 1 table of contents

Module 2 - The Bank Buster

Module 2 builds on Module 1 by educating you on the malicious activities the banks and the financial system is using to deceive people in modern times. 

Topics discussed are how the roaring 20's where the economy was thriving and how everyone was led to believe it would last forever because of the illusion that the Feds created along with Franklin D. Roosevelt. 

This module gives an interesting take on things but some might believe they are just conspiracy theories.

There are 6 parts to Module 2 with 81 pages of written material.

Module 3 - The Perfect Hedge

In this module you are going to learn about assets that protect or "hedge" your investments against the dollar or whatever currency your country uses. 

To sum it up, you'll learn about assets you can use to protect yourself from inflation. And since inflation is something that has a lot of people worried in the USA right now, this module is certainly going to open some eyes.

There are 5 chapters in module 4 with 42 pages of written material.

Module 4 - Profit Patterns

Module 4 talks about how you can equip yourself with an action plan to combat the drastic change that happens to monetary systems every 30-40 years.

There's a lot of theory discussing the first, second and third industrial revolution. It then jumps into economic cycles discussing how tech advancements can bring us into great wealth but also set us back. Other topics include K-Waves, Boom and Bust, Thermodynamics and the Economy & more.

There are 56 pages in Module 4 with a lot to take in.

Module 5 - Prosperity Juncture

Without giving too much away, simply because the course is called Recession Profit "SECRETS", the last module talks about making money through internet technologies. 

It discusses a global shift that has been taking place over the last decade which has made literally thousands of people millionaires overnight. 

This module covers an "investment opportunity of a lifetime" where you can make money without investing a lot. This can be anywhere from an initial investment of $50 and with $10 monthly contributions. 

So yea, you don't need to be rich to invest!

Recession Profit Secrets Video Sessions

You also get some supplementary training in the form of 3 videos. This isn't exactly a summary of the 5 modules but just more information on rising unemployment, rising inflation, a decline in Gross Domestic Product or a national debt that invalidates it.

But it's not all doom and gloom. Here, you're given key information on how to protect your wealth from the former financial system.

Pros & Cons


  • Gain full understanding of how the financial system works
  • Learn how to protect your money with other assets
  • Learn how to multiply your wealth
  • Learn how you can profit from market crashes
  • Learn strategies that the 1% uses to make fortunes
  • During recessions, depressions and even under high inflation, learn how you can still increase your wealth


  • You will need to invest, so there is money needed upfront
  • There is an element of risk to the strategies taught

Is Recession Profit Secrets a Scam or Legit?

In my opinion, Recession Profit Secrets is certainly not a scam.

This program wasn't created by just anyone. Richard Pierce is an experienced financial advisor and entrepreneur that has helped many people towards success.

His teaching can do the same for you. The program is loaded with information that may be overwhelming to some, but it gives you a clear understanding on how the financial system works. 

There is no fluff or BS, just a lot of facts supported with evidence. 

Maybe not all will benefit from this course as it's never a guarantee, but if you're wondering if the course is a scam or not, it certainly isn't.

Recession Profit Secrets Price

The course does come with upsells but you can get the bulk of the course for just $37.

You probably won't need to upsells but do check them out - afterall you won't be able to avoid them!

This low price might not last forever, so if you really want to understand how the financial system works and how you could improve your future, I suggest grabbing it.

Recession Profit Secrets Final Thoughts

You've probably heard how the government is "stealing" your money and you'll do anything you can to keep it for yourself.

Although there is no escaping taxes, you do have an opportunity to increase your wealth with smart investing. Saving your FIAT currency with a volatile market subject to rising inflation and other problems that come with it is not a smart idea.

The course can definitely help you in regards to investing and securing your future. 

If that's important to you, then i'd suggest picking up the course. 

You're entitled to a 60-day money back guarantee so there's nothing to lose on your end.

Drew Mann

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