Sam Ovens owns, what I believe, is probably the best consulting domain name you can have;

Seriously. How cool is that? Although, he didn't just pick this up on a whim. He had been building up his consulting business for a long time before that.

So, without further ado, shall I start talking more about him in this Sam Ovens review?

Who is Sam Ovens?

Sam comes from New Zealand, but now due to the amount of cash he has made, he lives in New York. In a pretty swanky penthouse by all accounts.

Over the years, he went through a plethora of failed business ideas. This is until he stumbled across a fantastic idea. He founded the app 'SnapInspect' which, essentially, was an app for property management companies to manage their properties.

Later on, he started to expand into SEO and general consulting.

This is when he started to land some pretty big clients. He realized he had a talent for this, and decided to sell SnapInspect for $500,000 and go into consulting full-time.

Not a bad payday.

Over the next few years, he made millions. So much that he was able to snap up that prestigious domain, where he ended up making even more cash. 

His business is now turning over at least $30-million per year, and it is said that he is one of the richest young people in the United States. So, yeah. He has done pretty well for himself.

Is Sam Ovens a Scam?

Nope. This guy is legit.

What you must remember is that there is more to Sam's business than the informational products that he sells. He offers a full consulting business, and this is likely where his cash comes from.

You, honestly, cannot say he is a scam unless you are using his consulting services, and I seriously doubt anybody who is reading this page will have come close to using his actual consulting services.

Trust me. If this guy was a scam, he absolutely would not have managed to build up a company like this in a very competitive niche.

His informational products? He does somewhat rely on his name a little bit to sell his products. This means that the price of them is going to be artificially inflated. However, this doesn't mean that they are scammy products. They are not. They are quality products, but they just cost a little bit more than similar products on the market.

I want to spend the rest of this page talking about the informational products that Sam Ovens offers. This way you will know a little bit about him.

Consulting Accelerator

I have prepared a full review of Consulting Accelerator elsewhere on this site. You can check it out! However, I will give a quick overview now.

Consulting Accelerator is a product designed to teach you how to become a consultant, just like Sam. Here, you will be learning how to get into the right frame of mind for running a business. You will also be learning how to gain clients.

Obviously, a lot of people will find this six-week course incredibly useful. It is one of his most popular courses, although this isn't really something that comes as a surprise.

Remember; this is a guy that has spent a lot of time building up a consulting business. Now, I am not going to say that you will end up as rich as Sam is. However, this course could potentially help you to make a decent chunk of change and get your consulting business off the ground.

Uplevel Consulting

This is the course designed for those who already have a successful consultancy business, but want to try and up your game. If you have yet to start your consulting business, then Consulting Accelerator is the product for you. This one just helps you to take it to the next level.

Sam claims that he can teach you new marketing techniques for your business, although a lot of this is going to be focused on Facebook advertising and the like. On top of this, he is going to teach you new ways in which you can build up your business through phone calls and the like. Basically, it will help you to become a lot more profitable.

This course goes into a lot of depth on product creation and building up a team to work with you. This is, of course, how you will make the most amount of cash from your consultancy business.

You should not be doing everything on your own. You need to rely on the support of others. This course will teach you about full automation of your company.

Quantum Mastermind

This is Sam's course for those with advanced companies i.e. ones that are turning over a lot of cash per year. This provides you with a Mastermind Group, access to all of the courses he has created, personal sessions with Sam, weekly calls, and general advice.

To be honest, I can't imagine that many of my readers are going to be putting up the cash for Quantum Mastermind. If you want it, then you will be paying $36,000 per year for the privilege. Yep. Per year.

This is not a one-off cost. Obviously, the only people who are going to be opting for this will be ones that are already swimming in the dough and, to be honest, at that point, the vast majority of people would likely opt for something that delivers more value anyway.


There is no denying that Sam has been successful in the world of consulting. He is a millionaire because of it, after all. There is also no denying that this guy knows what he is talking about.

However, his products have a high price tag because of the name behind it, not necessarily because of the information that he is sharing with you. 

There are many coaching in consulting and Sam is one of the best. If you are able to pony up the money for one of his courses, be sure you are in the game already and not just starting from scratch.

If you're on the fence and want to start your own business, then check out my article titled "I Want to Start my Own Business But Don't Know What to do".

You need to pick a business that will compliment your personality. Don't just go where the money is. 

You will regret it later. Do something that you KNOW you will enjoy.