Simplified Shopify Review – Drop Shipping Course by Scott Hilse

Scott Hilse is the creator of Simplified Shopify and thought i’d review this interesting course. The reason I say interesting is because his course centers around a one product Shopify store. He claims to have made a lot of money on a site that just sold an iPhone case.

So let’s get into it and see if this is a course you should buy. I bought it myself and reviewed the material so i’m going to pass that on to you.

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If you look at his sales page, there’s a lot of screen shots of revenue generated, people hyping his product and so on. This info is easy to get and numbers can be fabricated. Not to say that it was, but this is a tactic a lot of shady marketers have used in the past and still do today.

He is affiliated with Tai Lopez though, so there is some account of credibility here.


Simplified Dropshipping 3.0

Scott has recently updated his course with a new name – Simplified dropshipping 3.0. The price tag is now a one time fee of $397.00. It’s a collection of around 30 videos in total.

One thing that gets me with dropshipping & ecom is that profit from sales is usually around 15-25%. Scott only talks revenue numbers making you think that’s his profit. This is another tactic that “Shopify guru’s” often use and even though the numbers could be true, they hide the real numbers by not talking about ad spend, product cost etc. Unlike affiliate marketing, profits from ecom is much lower.

Simplified Shopify Review

The course itself is pretty bare with not much content I am used to for a dropshipping course. He’s got just over 25 videos in the course, all have different lengths. The videos are downloadable which is good, so you can take the content with you on the go in places with no internet available.

At the time of this writing, his store 1dealatatime.com is down. This is the store he forwards the domain he used to sell his iphone case. Not sure what’s up with that right now.

Some of his content is misleading and this was evident with one video titled “$1600 Per Day Template”. To me, per day is everyday, give or take a few bucks. He only made this on one particular day with other days generating much less.

In one video he discusses themes and shows you a premium theme you should invest in. In my opinion, eCom Turbo is much better because of it’s focus on conversions.

As with most dropshipping courses he shows you how to setup your store. If you’ve bought an ecom course before you probably know this info already. Next!

Facebook training for Ads is found in section 4 and 5. He goes through setting up your Facebook Ad account, as well as a FB page. Setting up your pixel is also included. Training is basic but done well.

Product research is also included. I normally like to see some different/new methods here because usually this is where people get stuck. However, nothing worthy of a discovery is found here. Nonetheless, still useful if you are a newbie.

In another module Scott discusses free apps to boost conversions and store optimization. You can save the trouble of installing these apps by getting a theme based on conversions like eCom Turbo that includes these apps integrated into the theme – with training.

Facebook Ad campaign training is included and tells you what to be aware of when creating your ads. Making a proper video is included and even gives you the gold nugget of a tip to get all your friends to like your page. I’ve never thought of that one before lol.

Other videos in his course discuss manual bidding, when you should convert to a niche store, outsourcing tactics, how to sell your store and so on.

Facebook Mastermind

As any course should have one, it includes a Facebook mastermind page. Here you can connect with members and Scott himself. Useful if you are looking for some tips that may not be in the course and to ask questions.

Refund Policy

There are NO refunds for this course. Scott says that he doesn’t offer refunds because he only wants to invest his time with people that are willing to do the work. Fair enough but if someone isn’t happy with the content, you should be able to cancel and get a refund.

Final Thoughts on Simplified Shopify – Now Simplified Dropshipping

Currently the course is on sale for $397.00. I think that’s rather pricey for a course with just 30 videos so it’s rather short. It’s important to keep in mind that although Scott did well with one product – this doesn’t mean you’ll have the same outcome. He does have some good strategies but lacks in other areas.

In my opinion the course is too short, doesn’t go into important strategies that you should be doing and if you’re a newbie – steer clear. You’ll be left confused with many questions to ask and won’t get a “hand holding” approach to setting up your store all the way to making your first sale with everything in between.

Is there an Alternative to Simplified Dropshipping 3.0?

If you are a newbie or even have some experience with Shopify and Drop Shipping, I highly recommend Ecom Elites by Franklin Hatchett.

If you haven’t heard of Franklin Hatchett, he’s got a Youtube Channel with over 140,000 subs (at time of this writing) and not only is he a 7 figure marketer but he’s also a 2 Comma Club winner from Clickfunnels. The students of his course Ecom Elites have many success stories and growing.

The course comes jammed packed with instructional videos, over 175 of them. Much more than what you will find in Simplified Dropshipping.

Best of all, you can get in now for just $197 or $297 for the Ultimate version.  Much more content and strategies for less? Kinda a no brainer?

Here’s some of the topics that you will learn in Ecom Elites:

  • Complete walkthrough of your store setup
  • Help with sourcing products
  • Facebook ads training (largest module of the course)
  • Instagram (influencers, retargeting)
  • Email marketing
  • Chat bot training
  • Google Shopping Ads
  • Sales Funnel training

Above is just part of the training that you’ll get from Ecom Elites. As a newbie, you need every detail explained and that’s exactly what you’ll get in this course. With Simplified Dropshipping you’ll probably get frustrated and with the no-refunds policy – you’ll regret your purchase.

I’m also a member of Ecom Elites and you can check out my review on the course. I take you inside and even do a video walkthrough so you can see what it’s all about.

You’re also protected by a 30 day money back guarantee.

You’re welcome 🙂



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