Ecom Profits Builder Review: Should You Buy The Amber Digital Course?

Amber Digital is yet another Youtuber that has released a course on Shopify Dropshipping. Today we take a look at her course - the Ecom Profits Builder with my full review. 

The cost of the course is $497 or 2 monthly payments of $297. Never go for the 2-pays folks because even if you don't pay off the course right away, your credit card interest will most likely always be less than what the 2-pay would cost you.

There's a scarcity timer on her sales page urging you to buy it before the price goes up to $997 which is fake, so you won't be paying the full price if you decide to jump in. Just refresh the page and you'll see the timer reset... lol.

Who is Amber Digital?

She's a self proclaimed ecommerce entrepreneur who specializes in Shopify dropshipping. Her Youtube channel covers topics on how she went from $0 to $187,000 with just one product, tips on top Shopify niches, why you aren't getting sales, beginner strategies, how to find winning products, how to increase conversions and so on.

At the time i'm writing this she has 6500 subs and gets about 500 views per video which she seems to post weekly.

Her story is very typical of people that want to quit their 9-5 job and travel the world living the laptop lifestyle. According to her sales page, she did just that in 7 months and has claimed to generate hundreds of thousand of dollars with her stores.

The Ecom Profits Builder Review

The course is broken down into 7 modules as follows:

  • Module 1 - Finding Home Run Products
  • Module 2 - Finding The BEST Suppliers to Partner With 
  • Module 3 - Creating Your Money Making Machine
  • Module 4 - The Influencer Academy
  • Module 5 - Facebook Ads Academy 
  • Module 6 - Scaling your ads to the moon
  • Module 7 - Maximizing Your Profits

In Module 1, Amber shows you how to find products that apparently generate 10x more sales that no one is selling. I find this hard to believe because if a product is doing well, stats won't hide that fact. If no one is selling it - chances are it's a dud.

She also claims that you can find "massively" profitable products with hardly any work and eliminate the guessing. Product research takes time and not doing the work IS a guessing game.

In Module 2, she will show you how to use Aliexpress to find the best possible suppliers and how to get the best price possible. The instruction is pretty typical of what you'll find in most courses with Aliexpress research.

Other videos talk about how to find quality products, and how to fulfill orders using an automated process - think Oberlo.

In Module 3, you'll learn how to maximize sales, how to set up your new domain and choose a brand name. You'll also learn how to set up your store including pages, shipping settings and what apps to install. As a side note, you're better off with a premium Shopify theme which eliminates the monthly app costs. Thanks Drew!

In Module 4, the Influencer Academy will show you how to find influencers. Strategies include finding and negotiating. You'll also learn how to spy on your competitors' influencers which can give you an idea what is being promoted. There's also a guide on creating ads and how to get the most profit possible from the influencers you work with.

In Module 5, the Facebook Ads Academy will show you how to set up Facebook ads for your Shopify store.  Apart from setting up ads you’ll also learn what marketing objectives Amber uses.

Also discussed is how to write ad copy to maximize sales.  You’ll learn how to target customers that are ready to buy and the secret strategy of using social proof for your ads.  Scaling is also discussed on ads that are doing well.

The strategies here are your run of the mill Facebook settings that don’t seem to deter from the strategies used by most other marketers that use Facebook ads for dropshipping.

The claims are quite lofty such as telling you that her ad skills can save you thousands of dollars and tell you her strategies will explode your sales.  None of this is guaranteed but the sales page certainly seems to push positive results.

In module 6 you’re going to learn how to scale your ads.  Topics include how to properly scale based on time and money, how to scale and also preserve your return on investment and how to effectively get the most out of your buyers.

In module 7, you’ll learn how to increase your order value, track your profits, how to bundle products and how to retain customers.

Money Back Guarantee

To be eligible, you need to watch less than 40% of the course. If you go past that, your guarantee is void. So, you won't really be able to preview the entire course, then decide it's not for you. You're shit out of luck at that point if you want your money back after realizing the course sucks.

Final Thoughts on the Course

From the topics listed above, this is a very introductory course on dropshipping using the Shopify platform.  There are many other strategies that are being used by top marketers like Franklin Hatchett with eCom Elites that are not covered here.

If Amber’s course was priced much less than the $497 price tag, I would say that it’s a great way to get your feet wet into the world of dropshipping.

However, it lacks the substance and strategies such as Google ads, Google Shopping, email marketing, sales funnel training, chat bots, social media marketing and more.

It makes sense to invest in a course which includes every possible strategy that you can use to maximize your success.

Amber makes a lot of lofty claims on the sales page and possibly with a bit of luck you too could see the success that she has had but you’re only going to reach that success when you have all the tools available at your disposal.

This is why I highly suggest getting your hands on eCom Elites which has all the training you will need, a massive Facebook module, all the above I mentioned and gets constantly updated, has a full mentorship program and has had many, many successful students. 

I urge you to checkout my full review on eCom Elites to see why this is a better option for you. You’re also going to save some money because it costs less than Amber’s course with a ton more content.  I’m talking over 200 plus videos worth of training.

If you have any questions, feel free to hit me up in the comments or contact me directly.


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