Ecom Vantage Review: Should You Buy Chris Blair’s Ecom Course?

Welcome to my review of Ecom Vantage, a course from Chris Blair.

If you are looking to get into drop shipping or ecom, this course could be for you but we are going to take a further look.

Ecom Vantage no Longer Available

It would appear that Ecom Vantage no longer exists. I searched for it on his Youtube channel and couldnt find any links to it.

I did find some old testimonials that didn't look very genuine though. Paid actors maybe? Who knows. Anyway, it looks like Chris Blair has given up coaching with ecommerce. His channel has transitioned to #shorts with tidbits of info on stocks and general business advice.

He filters his traffic into his website at Even on his website under the ecommerce category, there are zero posts. So it's safe to say not only is his course no longer available but he's doesn't seem to be teaching this stuff anymore.

Below is the orginal review as I wrote it back in January of 2019. 


First off, the price is on the high end for an e-commerce course. At $2000 it's not cheap. It gets even more expensive if you opt for the 5 payments of $500.00.

On his Youtube channel you can find his personal blog and a bunch of talking head videos. You'll find out soon that he has a past with internet marketing so he's not exactly new to the game but at the same time some people have called him a scam artist.

I'll keep an open mind though and see what this course is all about, my thoughts and pass it onto you without buying into the negativity.

Upon purchase of the course, you'll see that there are 6 modules in total.

  1. Basics – Choosing a Niche, Domain Names, Shopify signup, etc.
  2. Important Foundations – Site Optimization, Shopify Apps, etc.
  3. Products – Product Development Idea Research Sourcing, pricing strategies, etc.
  4. Facebook Ads – Targeting, Lookalike audiences, etc.
  5. More Marketing Traffic Methods – Pinterest Marketing, Email marketing Christmas tactics, etc.
  6. Resources

Now, let's get into some specifics of what the modules look like.


In this section you'll find 7 videos. Listed in order they are choosing a niche, domain names, market master (gathering images, looking at competition, etc.) making a fan page, FP engagement strategies, Shopify sign up & Shipping.

Chris' style is a little different where he uses test on a word doc and takes you through the lessons. I'm not a huge fan of this style but maybe it will work for you. 

If you're already in the ecom game you might want to just gloss over this section and it's pretty basic stuff. The good news is the videos are at most 10 minutes in length so should buzz through here pretty quick.

Important Foundations

Here you'll find 8 videos in this section. It starts off with site optimization, Shopify apps, Finding a good designer, a video on a $297 theme called Konversion, Re engaging (with your customers) page moderation, customer support and finally a video on disputes, claims and chargebacks. It's another compact module so you'll buzz through this one quick too.


You'll find 13 videos in this section. Here. you'll learn about things like product development & idea research, creating products in apps and loading drop shipping products.

There are 2 videos on pricing strategies, a couple videos on managing products on your store, and videos on "crushing it" strategies and a product analysis workshop webby.

It is a rather large section so this will take up much more time than the two previous modules combined.

Facebook Ads

A rather "beefy" module, the Facebook ads section comes with 31 videos for you to digest. 

It's too much to list, but you'll learn all the basics plus things like types of posts to use, FB ad product tests, basic retargeting ads, advanced targeting, scaling, testing different interests, analyzing PPE ads, custom audiences and ads management.

It's a good module and better than a lot I have seen from other guru's so you'll definitely have an advantage in FB with what he teaches here.

More Marketing Traffic Methods

Many videos on this section that appear to be all very different with alternate methods for your store. You'll have to do a lot of head scratching in this section because it is a lot to think about and can see some confusion being generated here. 

This section includes videos on email marketing, Pinterest, Christmas tactics, Valentines and Holiday tactics, SEO 101 with James Brown, Instagram basics, using Twitter and Youtube ads.


No videos here, just informational PDF's that include the 4 apps he uses on his store, instruction on funnels using Funnel Buildr (a paid product) his suggested tool for email and some other stuff. Not too much info but just enough.


You've got 7 days to decide if you want to keep the course or not. From what I hear there's no issues getting refunds but if you're not prepared to invest the 2K, why bother. However, the refund is there should you need it.

Facebook Mastermind

Chris definitely hypes up his FB group but it does seem somewhat engaging as he will often do live streams and answer questions pretty much on a daily basis.

My Thoughts on Ecom Vantage

I'm not going to bash this course but I don't think the $2000 price tag (especially the extra $500 just to pay monthly -yikes!) is worth it. It's not a bad course, it's just that you can find a course that will be just as good (if not better). Besides, wouldn't you rather spend the money you save on FB ads? My $197 solution is below and it kicks ass.

My #1 Drop shipping course pick

Even today, my choice for an ecom course still remains eCom Elites. For newbies to ecom/drop shipping or those already in the know it's the best course available right now for Ecom. It's complete with over 150 videos and a massive Facebook module (50 vids!) with the latest tactics. For only $197, you can't go wrong. You'll be VERY well trained in ecom once complete. Check out my eCom Elites review for more.

Drew Mann

1 thought on “Ecom Vantage Review: Should You Buy Chris Blair’s Ecom Course?”

  1. Even though he has the semblance of legitimacy, I actually believe he is a scam artist. He had a career in sales. His former job was to answer calls and sell high ticket product. We know these types of people will lie to sell anything. I was one of his first students. His Ecom Vantage course was lacking in steps and confusing. It is just a funnel that leads to his coaching program.

    In his coaching, he just goes through the motion. He will spend the time with you to get evidence for paypal that he had coaching calls with you. Just so you can’t file a chargeback. But his coaching is mostly garbage. You will go nowhere. If you don’t get the result, he will blame you for not working hard.

    I believe many of HIS OWN FB posts showing results of his students are fake. I also believe that for one of his student posting a success story, there are 9 others whom he has scammed.

    My advise is to run away from this guy. He is just a garbage in the industry.


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