The eCommerce Bootcamp Mentor Program by Justin Cener Review

Heyyyyyy Everrryyyboddyyy.... sorry had to do it. You probably have heard Justin Cener's intro before, just thought i'd start off with that before I jump into my latest review - this time on the eCommerce Bootcamp Mentor Program.

This course is not new, but it's still available and has recently had an overhaul. It's not cheap either and still selling at $997.

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Who is Justin Cener?

Do you remember the Wolf Mug ads? Justin and Alex Becker teamed up for this campaign and spent over a million dollars in ads on Youtube so unless you completely ignored Youtube a couple years ago i'm sure you're well aware of it.

If I remember correctly the campaign also gave birth to a new intro many other Youtubers started using - "if you give me 60 seconds..."  Remember that? It was these ads that made Justin Cener popular by Alex Becker.

Disclosure: Drew’s Review is supported by my readers. A purchase from a link may earn an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. Learn more

Anyway, enough of the nastalgia. If you have been wondering if you should buy Justin Cener's course or not, I hope that after I finish up this review you'll be able to make an informed decision and go from there. So before you part with a thousand bucks, listen up!

Ecommerce Bootcamp Course Content

This course is broken up in a few different sections and can be somewhat confusing. It's all in video format which is pretty much the norm these days. You've got a video on Shopify print on demand which looks like it's coming from Tai Lopez's house. Then you've got him teaching in front of a whiteboard in a tank top outside - ladies, you might like that one.

So there are different topics that are discussed in the course. There's your topics, and also the bootcamps. Here's what you'll get:

  • Choosing Your Niche
  • Shopify Setup
  • Print On Demand Setup
  • Email Marketing
  • Dropship Bootcamp
  • Print on Demand Bootcamp
  • Facebook Ads Bootcamp
  • Clickfunnels Bootcamp
  • Instagram Bootcamp

I'm going to summarize what you see above without dragging this on too much. It's a fairly large course and will take some time to get through but what you really want is just a small summary, right?

In Choosing your Niche, Justin teaches you how to choose a niche, exactly why it's important to pick a niche and what it is that you need to look for depending on your niche.He talks about the importance of passion for your niche and the advantages that come with focusing on them. 

For the Shopify Setup section, he explains the advantages of Shopify over other products like WooCommerce. This part I am sure you know yourself already that Shopify is the king of ecom platforms. 

He walks you through a typical shopify setup and will often drop his link to grab Shopify as he does make a commission from it. By the way I do too if you want to grab it from me as it helps make reviews like this possible 🙂 The setup you see is pretty typical of what you'd get in any course like eCom Elites for example. There's always help available from Shopify too as their support is very good with the live chat - i've used it many times to get out of a snag.

The Print on Demand Setup section gets you to sign up for a free app with GearLaunch. Gearlaunch isn't bad, I prefer to use pillowprofits and have experimented with a couple others for my stores. For print on demand providers, you should really experiment with all of them and see what works for you.

The reason is your niche will depend on certain products and one provider might be a much better fit for you than another. Don't just use what the guru's tell you. Get what's best for your store.

Learn Ecom for Less Money?

You don't need to spend $997 to learn this stuff!

Email Marketing

Justin recommends using Mailchimp. Mailchimp is ok for ecom but I hate it because of what happened to me when I used it for affiliate marketing. If you use Mailchimp to send affiliate promotions you'll get banned. Since I found out about this the hard way a few years ago, I just steer clear of them. I'd suggest either Get Response or Market Hero Instead.

If you are going to use Mailchimp, it is free for the first 2000 emails but you'll have to pay after that to make it worth your while. Compare the plans with my suggestions and see what works best for you because eventually you will have to pay for an autoresponder. Don't worry, your emails should easily cover the cost of these anyway. If not, you're doing it wrong!

Anyway, there isn't too much detail in the email module for Mailchimp, just the usual stuff you can find on free videos on Youtube.

Dropshipping Bootcamp

Justin teaches dropshipping with Shopify and Facebook ads. Topics discussed are Niche, what platform you should use - you guessed it, Shopify, sourcing products, fulfillment, marketing & operations. 

There's a product research section which tells you what important factors you should look for in each niche. Things like scalability, demand, perceived value, margins, marketing potential and so on.

He also discusses the differences between Arbitrage (which is where you profit from the difference in price between cost price of the item vs the sale price) and Dropshipping. The sources he discusses are wholesalers, AliExpress, Ebay, Etsy and big stores like Walmart and Amazon.

He also discusses the advantages and disadvantages of the Free + Shipping model and the retail model. You'll also get some training on Oberlo which ties in with AliExpress.

Print on Demand Bootcamp

If you're not sure what Print on Demand (POD) is, it's basically a way of selling anything from T-shirts, pillows, blankets, hoodies, shoes, coffee mugs etc. on your store from artwork that you either create yourself or outsource an artist to create a design. 

The best part is you can replicate that one design across many different products. You can save a lot of money if you find a good artist that can work cheap. Justin Cener does give you access to some T-shirt designers if you are looking to go this route.

Personally i'd suggest see what is selling, and have someone do a similar design. It must cost a few bucks but it could end up being a million dollar product, who knows!

I have access to a ton of artwork through my membership of ESA (by Adrian Morrison) and what I found was a lot of people were using the same designs so there is a bit of saturation going on. Here's one of the designs that I put on a leather handbag which I thought was pretty ugly but ended up selling well. ​

The targeting I did was a intersect of abstract art and siamese cat interests which got quite a bit of attention.

The above design was from a special deal that Adrian Morisson brokered with an art licensing company. The designs were great, but I started seeing them all over the place.

I guess the point i'm trying to make here is that print on demand is great, but getting the artwork done can be a bit of a pain. If you get in early enough you could ride a trend but know that if the artwork is shared that trend will die out a lot quicker.

Anyway, Justin says you can get inspiration from places like Pinterest, Google, Wanelo, Reddit, Teespring, Redbubble, etc.

The module explains POD well and gives you some ideas on how to get inspiration and find designers or you could go with what he gives you access to. 

Facebook Ads

The Facebook section in the course is the largest with over 40 videos. Some of the things you'll learn is how to target people by way of interest groups. Here he shows you how to identify, build, test and categorize various interest groups for your campaigns.

You'll also learn about Page Post Engagment ads (PPE) and when/when not to use them. 

You'll also learn about copy including scarcity tactics and different Ad copy types. You'll also get the typical Facebook training that includes retargeting audiences, setting up your pixel, scaling, lookalike audiences and so on.

If you're a newbie, this won't be confusing because it's explained well.

Clickfunnels Bootcamp

Justin tells you in this section that using Clickfunnels is an entire new way of doing ecommerce. Of course we know already it's being used so it's not exactly a new strategy. 

You'll also get his funnel that he did 6 figures with. The catch is you'll need to set yourself up with Clickfunnels. There's a free trial but it's $99 a month after that.

Instagram Bootcamp

In the Instagram Bootcamp also knows as the Influencer marketing bootcamp, Justin tells you how you can succeed using Instagram.

The videos are based on theory and strategies then he puts that into perspective by using real world examples by means of case studies.

You'll learn the core subjects of how to grow your Instagram business through organic traffic and some automated procedures to simplify the process and paid traffic via Instagram ads through the Facebook platform. 

You'll learn how to use Influencers to promote your store or products. This is a one time paid post and if it works well you could scale this.

Also included is a collection of templates that you can use when contacting potential Influencers. 

Bonus Modules

In the bonus section you'll get recordings of "store critique" webinars looking at students' stores from T-shirts to CBD oil.

It's not a bad idea to get his spin on stores as this could help with your own store and recognize things that you could be doing wrong. 

You'll also get a product and pricing calculator that helps you manage your business. You won't need this at first but will come handy once sales start coming in. Nothing fancy here, just an excel sheet that you could probably code yourself.

A bonus section is on wall art and canvases where you can use the print on demand model here as well if you're tired of the T-shirt game.

You'll also get 600 designs that you can use for your POD business in T-shirts. You will need photoshop though to edit the designs or you could outsource this but that could become expensive. I'd suggest learning photoshop if you're in dropshipping anyway, you kinda need it.

Case Studies

In the beginning of this article I talked about the "Wolf Mug" campaign and if you grab Justin Cener's course you'll be able to check out the case study. I know it's old news but might be fascinating to you nonetheless.

Other extras include downloadable templates for Facebook Ads and Email templates that you can use for your campaigns as a guide.

What I think of the Ecommerce Bootcamp Mentor Program

I'm sure you are reading this review because you're on the fence due to the high price tag of $997 otherwise you probably would have jumped in by now.

The question a lot of people ask me is, "Do I need to spend this much money on a good dropshipping course?" and the answer is a resounding NO!

I am not knocking Justin's course at all, I just think he should slash the price considerably simply because of how it compares to my #1 recommended alternative - Ecom Elites.

In Ecom Elites you get 170+ videos of content, a much larger Facebook module, Google Shopping Ads training, chatbot training, done for you funnels and extra bonuses. All this for much less than $997. It has 2 versions, $197 & $297. That's savings you can put into ads!

You also get a money back guarantee and the ability to talk to Franklin Hatchett, the course creator in the Facebook group. You won't be left alone to fend for yourself if you run into problems. It's very newbie friendly too.

So if saving some money and getting better training (in my opinion) appeals to you, take a look at my Ecom Elites review.

You can get started today and build your Ecom Empire for much less and save the cash for your ads.

You're welcome 🙂

Questions? Comment below or just hit me up from my contact page. I reply to everybody.

The eCommerce Bootcamp Mentor Program Rating
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A good course from a reputable marketer. If you don’t mind spend a grand go for it. I highly advise my suggested alternative instead. Read my review to see why.

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