Shopify Booster Theme Review: Boost Your Conversion Rate?

The Booster Theme, previously known as the Shopify Booster, is the focus of my review today.

You may have heard of the Booster Theme from one of the many different ads that are prominently displayed in Facebook advertising.

The Booster Theme has 3 different pricing options:

  • Single License – $179
  • 2 Licences – $297
  • 5 Licences – $497

Booster Theme Review

If you are planning on setting up a Shopify store with just a few products then this theme will work well for you. It allows you to set up sales funnels which help with conversions.

The theme integrates an addon upsell for a product that you wish to buy. This is similar to what you see on Amazon. If you want to purchase a flashlight for example, it will offer the corresponding batteries as an upsell. This will then redirect you to the check out for Shopify which is a great way to boost sales.

Optimization for Mobile

With mobile usage constantly on the rise, the Booster Theme makes sure that it is fully mobile optimized. Above the fold of your device the images and add to cart buttons are displayed which helps with converting more especially on impulse buys.

In the more recent versions of the theme, countdown timers, retail/sale price and delivery notifications all appear above the fold.

Notification Popups

You have probably seen sales notifications on websites like “just bought product x” popping in the left corner of the screen. If you’re not aware some of these plugins are fake and the theme comes with this option. Although fake, most people won’t know and the idea behind it is to present consumer confidence in your store, albeit fake. It’s an option so you don’t have to use it if you don’t want to.

Direct to Checkout

Bypassing the cart, this feature allows you to set your store up so that it will go straight to the checkout. A lot of marketers swear by this tactic and say that it boosts sales. This is a very good tool for one or two product stores and have used it myself. The less steps to take, the easier it is to buy. Makes sense.

Cross Sell

You can enable a pop-up that appears when someone attempts to checkout on an item. It will show a related product. Think Amazon – as they have a similar strategy with displaying related products. It can be useful but some may find it annoying. The best is to test.

Visitor Counter

This is another fake tactic that works depending on your customer. It will show a fake number of people that have viewed the product that is being looked at. This can work for some but not others. Again, it is something you should test and see how the sales compare to the feature either off or on.

Countdown Timer

In my opinion I think by now most users will know that the countdown timer is just a scarcity tactic and just BS. I think a lot of people are blind to this strategy and I have never used it on any of my stores. It’s worth trying out though as you will still attract buyers that might think it’s legit and could help increase sales due to a feeling of scarcity.

Free Plus Shipping

This is a strategy used by a lot with drop shippers. This plugin makes it super easy to put a free + shipping product at the front of your store. Full customization and easy to set up.

Currency Converter

This is a feature I really like because by default, Shopify does not convert currency by user depending on location. Your customer will be able to see the price in their currency which is less confusing and can really boost sales.

Product Reviews

The Shopify Product Reviews app can be integrated into your store with the Booster Theme. Keep in mind that this app is from a 3rd party so if there are issues, support could be a problem.

Email Discounts

If you’re trying to build up your email list, this is a tactic widely used. A pop-up displays a discount offer in exchange for an email address. There are other apps for this but it comes included with the Booster Theme. The plugin is quite intuitive though, as there are a few customization’s such as choosing when the popup shows, when they leave the website or after a few seconds (you can set this) after landing on the site.


Support is done through Zendesk so if you have problems installing the theme or other issues you’ll be taken care of.

Cons of the Booster Theme

If there’s any future updates of the theme you’ll have to install it over on top of the old theme and likely have to reconfigure your site again which is a pain in the ass – speaking from experience here!

There are a lot of features in the Booster Theme as I mentioned above but did you know you can get some of these for free? If you aren’t going to use all the features then it’s up to you if you want to spend the $179 for one license.

Because the theme is popular, it is in your best interest to customize it as much as possible. You don’t want it looking like your competition. With similar apps that are all included, I am sure a lot of these stores will look the same sans logo. Just make sure yours is different.

So will Booster Theme double your conversion rate?

I did see an increase in my conversions when using this theme on one of my one-product stores. It wasn’t exactly double, but definitely an improvement. I’d be interested in knowing how it works for your store?

Want an alternative to the Booster Theme?

One of my favorite themes that also focuses on conversions is Ecom Turbo. Read my review here to see if this is an option that might be more suitable for you – it’s also less expensive, is created by a 7-figure marketer and comes with complete training.

Drew Mann