Affiliate Marketing Mastery Review

Heard of Affiliate Marketing Mastery by Stefan James?

Wondering whether this is a product that is worth your cold, hard cash?

Read on! I have put together this Affiliate Marketing Mastery review just for you and once you're done reading it (I'll be quick) you'll know if it's for you or not.

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What is Affiliate Marketing Mastery?

Affiliate Marketing Mastery is a product put together by Stefan James (who claims to earn $1,000 per day through Clickbank).

This is a product that, when followed, claims it can help you to become a seasoned affiliate marketer. The course runs you through everything step-by-step and it is supposedly going to run you through the exact method that Stefan uses to make thousands and thousands of dollars per month.

This is a course that has been (mostly) designed for beginners i.e. those just cutting their teeth in the world of affiliate marketing. This means that it does go into some of the simpler techniques, ones that you will probably know if you have even so much as glanced at a 'how-to' guide for affiliate marketing, but some rather complicated stuff is covered too.

Who is Stefan James?

Stefan James is an experienced affiliate marketer. While I do not know that much about his backstory, I do know that he claims to be making thousands of dollars per month through Clickbank.

His Affiliate Marketing Mastery course does seem to attract a lot of attention too.

I have no idea how many of those people have been converted into paying customers, but the site he runs (and his course, of course) is chatted about a lot online.

Affiliate Marketing Mastery Course Content

Affiliate Marketing Mastery is split over several different modules, with each module containing a rather sizeable amount of content.

While I am not going to tell you everything that is included in each module, I do want to give you a quick overview so you know what to expect should you pick up this product.

Strategy & Mindset for Success

The course kicks-off by walking you through the course outline, while also getting you psychologically prepared for making money as an affiliate marketer.

You will also learn the basics of developing a brand and have a bit of information on setting goals for yourself as an affiliate marketer.

Advanced Market Research and Keywords

As the name suggests, this module is highly focused on researching products that you could potentially sell, with a dash of keyword research to help you get ranked in the search engines.

Interestingly, while Stefan does make most of his money from affiliate marketing on Clickbank, he does provide you with information on a few different affiliate networks that you may consider using too.

However, most of his strategy will still be focused on the Clickbank side of things.

How to Build Your Online Brand and Presence

In this module, you will be learning about how to set up your marketing. This includes setting up a WordPress blog, and a little bit on SEO.

It is in this module that you start to learn a little bit more about the main technique that Stefan uses to make money online.

This is developing a YouTube channel. This is how you will be driving the most traffic to your affiliate offers, so there is a lot of information on this here.

How to Create Compelling Content

The next module talks about content creation. This includes written content, and YouTube content. You will also learn how to use social media to share your content with the world.

How to Get Visitors and Followers Fast

This module talks about how to drive people to your website quickly.

This includes using social media, and ranking your YouTube videos highly.

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How to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

I honestly would have made this one of the first modules in the course. However, I can see why Stefan put it here.

He wants you to put everything else in place before you think about monetizing your content. This module is simple. It just talks about making money quickly.

Performance and Optimization Strategies

The final module talks about analyzing how your affiliate promotion is doing, and how you can tinker with it to make even more cash. You will be introduced to various tools that you can use to analyze your information.

Who is Affiliate Marketing Mastery For?

Affiliate Marketing Mastery is for those that have a bit of cash to spend. The course is $997, after all.

If you have absolutely no idea about affiliate marketing, then this course is also going to be perfect for you. It does cover pretty much everything you need to know, although the course content in some areas, namely SEO, can be a little bit light.

If you are the type of person that needs a rigid guide for learning about affiliate marketing i.e. one that doesn't really have you deviating from a planned outline, then this course is perfect for you.

This is ideal for those people that may have struggled with other affiliate marketing courses before, mostly because they just jumped from concept to concept without a solid plan in place.

Who is it Not For?

Obviously, this is a course that you should probably be giving a skip if you are not interested in affiliate marketing. There is literally nothing of value here if you have zero interest in affiliate marketing. No transferable skills. Nothing.

If you are struggling to commit to a course, then you will also find nothing of value in this product. After all, it is going to set you back nearly $1,000. That is a hefty sum of cash for just about anybody. You can't just throw it away. You need to commit.

You also should not be buying this if you want fast results. The results generated by Affiliate Marketing Mastery are effective, but they could take months and months before you start to see a return on your investment.

People often cannot wait that long.

Affiliate Marketing Masterclass for Free

If Affiliate Marketing Mastery sounds appetizing to you, then you may be pleased to know that the brains behind the product also offers an affiliate marketing masterclass for free.

Obviously, the main intention of this masterclass is to try and funnel you into buying the actual product, but there is a surprising amount of good advice packed into it.

It essentially goes into the 'secrets' of making money through affiliate marketing. The course is also incredibly beneficial for those that are still unsure as to whether this product is for them.


I like Affiliate Marketing Mastery but are there cheaper courses that are still effective? Yes. 

One course that I have bought that I still highly recommend to my readers is Savage Affiliates. The reason? It's well priced at $197-$297. The training is superb with just over 200 videos of instruction and will cover everything from SEO to paid and free traffic, funnels, email marketing, Google/Facebook ads, building your site from scratch, etc.

If you are curious, just head on over to my review for more info or click below.

Drew Mann