Easy Affiliate Bucks Review: Should You Buy this Brko Banks Course?

Welcome to my review on Easy Affiliate Bucks, a Clickbank affiliate marketing course from Brko Banks that you probably know from Youtube.

Here I am going take you into the course to see if it is worth it or not for the hefty price tag of $1000.00. It seems like a lot but maybe it's worth it?

In my opinion, a course in affiliate marketing that charges $1000 should be including more than one platform than just Clickbank. There are many other platforms such as JVzoo, Share-a-sale, Amazon, CJ, etc., you get the idea. Other affiliate marketing courses like this one will teach you many different platforms to use.

I'm not knocking Clickbank because it's a great place for beginners to get their feet wet. However the refund rates can be high so it certainly would be discouraging to new marketers.

For this reason you'll need to take into consideration that you could lose some of your commissions due to refunds.

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If you haven't been put off just yet, let's get into the review of Easy Affiliate Bucks

The are 8 modules in total, the last one doesn't really count and you'll find out at the end why.

Module 1 - Introduction

Four short videos are found here. Brko shows you how to contact him (if needed) gives an introduction to Clickbank affiliate marketing, how to sign up for Clickbank and a video on Clickbank basics and terminology. All this can be found online pretty much but at the same time would be essential for anyone how is very new to marketing with Clickbank.

Module 2 - How to Promote Products

You'll find 3 videos here. He teaches you how to find products using Alexa and Similar Web and how to analyze if the products are worth it to promote or not. 

Another video talks of the typical "pick a niche you're interested in" which is common sense anyway and i'm sure you have heard this before. After that he tells you how to search for a specific product, create your affiliate link and drive traffic to it using Facebook groups, forums and other sites/communities where the niche you're in focuses on.

Module 3 - Free Methods

The free promotion methods for your product(s) is something you may have already seen on Youtube, so nothing groundbreaking here. 

Things like creating a video review on Youtube then dropping your link in the description using a link shortener like bit.ly for example is taught. Normally this isn't the greatest tactic because Youtube will sometimes remove these links as they can be seen as spam.

Another free tactic he teaches is to drop your link on other people's videos in the comments section. If the Youtuber is clueless, you'll probably get a way with it but you run the risk of having this removed and possibly get a warning from Youtube for spamming. Do this at your own risk.

The 3rd method is to create a 'motivational video' where you include your link to a related product. This will involved you getting on camera and if you're shy about that then you can do a slide show or something similar but normally they are not as effective for this method.

This section is clearly just focuses on Youtube and does not include any videos on opimization. Slapping a video up on Youtube and thinking it will rank organically just won't happen unless it's really THAT good and people are starting to share/like, etc.

Module 4 - Tools for Creating Videos

One video here showing you how to use Camtasia to edit your videos. This is a great product and something I used myself - but it costs $249. 

He doesn't mention any other free options which are available. This is pretty pathetic if you ask me. Absolutely NO value in this module either.

Module 5 - Creating Content

Just a couple videos here on how to make videos to market your Clickbank products. Just 15 minutes of total content. If you want to know how to make some great videos, just look for some free sources on Youtube as they probably do a better job.

Module 6 - Creating the Best Converting Landing Page

A couple videos are found in this module and the first one shows you how to set up a hosting account and domain with Hostgator. I hate Hostgator by the way. 

Next, he tells you to use the downloadable .html file from vendors as your own landing page. Keep in mind this exact landing page has been seen by others and not original. 

He then tells you to just follow the directions from the vendor and set it up yourself.  No mention of ways to create your own landing pages from scratch. Wow.

Module 7 - Creating Your First Advertisement

Here Brko shows you how to set up a Google Adwords campaign for your Youtube video. Again, this is common knowledge and can be found anywhere. What is disappointing here is that you don't see any numbers or proof that this actually worked for him and made money! It's just a concept to me really. Whether it works or not, you'll have to find out for yourself.

Module 8 - Let's Work Together

Technically this isn't really a module to learn anything but rather an invitation to promote his own course. Just to give you an idea, I would not promote this course because there are many alternatives that are cheaper and so MUCH better. I'll give you my fave pick below.

Refund Policy

You'll need to request a refund up to 14 days. You also can't view more than 20% of the content. If you do, then looks like you are S.O.L. 

Final Thoughts on Easy Affiliate Bucks

The course lacks substance, plain and simple. Some strategies could certainly work and he does an ok job showing you how you can make money, but nothing really backs up his claims. It's just a concept. Also, you can find this stuff all over the internet, it just might take a while but at least you'll save $1000.

My #1 Affiliate Marketing Course Pick

By far, the best Affiliate Marketing course to date in 2019 is Savage Affiliates. You can check out my review or purchase the course for just $197 or $297 for the "Super" version.. Well over 150 videos on many different affiliate marketing tactics by a 7 figure marketer makes this course a winner. This is my advice to you and my honest suggestion.

Drew Mann
My Easy Affiliate Bucks Rating


Easy Affiliate Bucks is a very basic course with tactics you can find already on the web. I cannot recommend this course especially for the price tag.

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